Load Balancing Strategy System .Net Project


Load balancing strategy system is a project developed to handle the crucial issues in multimedia systems. The client requests from large-scale multimedia storage system may have different demands ,the placement and replication of the objects which are very important factors. These issues lead to the imbalance in the server loading across the system.

Load balancing strategy system introduces the object storage server which responds to the requests that comes from the centralized servers . These servers are independent and has no communication with other systems.

Load balancing strategy system provides a website where  users can get logged in by giving the username and password. This is possible if the user is already registered with the site.

Load Balancing Strategies 0User will get a welcome message after entering to the site’s homepage. This page also shows other links which includes distributed server config,status report and file upload.User can get to then by clicking on them.

Load Balancing Strategies 1
Load balancing strategy system provides an extra features to the users to upload a file. User can upload a file by entering the details in the fields given in the page which includes image id,image name and upload image where the user can choose it from his PC and click the save button.

Load Balancing Strategies 2
User can also give the additional information like user id,user name,password, server name, IP address and port no and click save button which will be saved in his account.

Load Balancing Strategies 3
Client login page where he can search the information. Client can enter by giving the valid username and password and click the sign in button.

Load Balancing Strategies 4

Client can search for his requirements by giving the name of the city and click the search button. This application provides the client to check the status . Client can find the field check status at the right side of the page.

Load Balancing Strategies 5
Client will get the information according to his search in a tablet form which includes disconnect,server name IP address port no and bandwidth.

Load Balancing Strategies 6
Client can view the catch server also, where the fields are start catch metadata server,stop catch metadata server and layout catch metadata server. Client can select the required field.

Load Balancing Strategies 7

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