Mobile Bill Payment Application .Net Project

Mobile bill payment is an application which is introduced to assist mobile phone users to access the information of bills from anywhere and anytime. Mobile bill payment system fulfills the requirements of people. Present fast growing technology made man very busy and he can’t wait waste his time in standing in queues for paying the bills.

In many government sectors we need to pay the bill by standing in queue for long time. So lot of time is being wasted. Not only form employees or business people even for home makers also it is difficult to pay the bill. They stay in the house and need to pay any bill which is so far from their house. They can’t spend their time in paying the bill.

This mobile bill payment application can overcome all these problems by providing online services. This application allows people of different sectors to pay their bills without any strain and without any waste of time. This system provides all the information regarding the payment.

Users who need to pay the bills need to register with this application. They are provided with a username and password. All types of government and private sectors are linked up with our application. So user’s fine using this system easy. They can edit their account, make transactions, see all the updates and even set the remainder also.

This application makes the work easier. Users can pay the bills almost from anywhere and at anytime in short period of time. User can be able to see the information of his pending bills at any critical situations. All the information of the users will be maintained by admin.Providing users reliable and accurate information is the main goal of this application.In order to make this requirement successful our application serves users anytime and anywhere without breakdowns. With this application on a mobile phone work will be done just in one click. User can be able to pay his bills and get all the information requested with least difficulty and mental strain.

Mobile bill payment application provides these services:

  • Information confidentiality
  • Rapid and reliable access to information
  • Information accuracy
  • Manageability
  • Costs


  • Administrator
  • Customer
  • Web Registration
  • Reports
  • Authentication

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