Library Management System Project Abstract & SRS using Java & MySQL

The main of Library Management application is to keep the book in the proper format with its complete details including Author and the person who is issuing this book. Everything is managed from the database. We need to maintain the book cost and to check whether the books are available on the library or not.

The description of Project Working:

If the book is not available in the library then it should be removed from the database. Students are provided with 2 or 3 cards for the book. They can issue the book for 14 days and after they have to pay the fine per day rupee one. If the student lost the book he has to purchase the same book and submit to the library.

For the staff also they are given 3 cards and they also have same rule as per the students. This whole process in manually, we need to develop the fully automatic library that enables the user to search for the relevant book and they can also who have which book. We need computers in the library so that users can access online books. We need to bar code scanner, so the student just scans the code and the book will be issued.

The computers used in the library must be connected to each other via LAN at the speed of 10MBps. The student needs to enter his rollno and the details of the book. We can also add new feature of membership in the library in the starting of the year, they can become members and they will be issued the number to run this software. After they just need to enter the book number and their roll no and the book will be issued.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Hardware requirement :

  • OS: Window 7
  • Hard Drive: 40GB
  • RAM: 256 MB

Software requirement :

  • Java language
  • Net beans IDE 7.0.1
  • MS SQL server 2005


    1. Hello Deepeak am anudeep from vijayawada.

      if u have libary management system project code, pls send it to me in my mail..

      Hello frnds.,
      Anybody have these project code, pls send to me. i wil help to u for another mini project details..

  1. Priyanka Sethisays:

    Please send me source code of library management system in java core. I am using NetBeans IDE8..0.2.
    also send me database idea of library management system…..Thank you.

  2. Hi 1000Projects,

    Thanks for this project. I and my team mate has made a Library Management System (LMS) based on PHP. It is the most advanced + material designed project on LMS you will find on internet. If anyone is interested to know more about the project and want a demo of it, then do mail us at


  3. sir/mam please send me source code and documentation on library management system project
    language java (netbean) source code and design
    backend mysql

  4. sir/mam please send me source code and documentation on library management system project….. i need it extremely urgant……

  5. sir/mam please send me the source code and documentation of library management system project….. i need it very urgantly……
    plzz plzzz plzzzz

  6. how to set rules by coding in webase library management system that one student can send one request for one book

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