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IT Project Process Management

IT Project process management is the project that is used to track the various IT projects and scan it and search for the solutions. This is used to monitor the complete project, documents, project source codes, name and other details of the project. This system works on three phase project initiation, Windup stage and regular mode.

The existing project management system that is developed in that user can update it details manually whenever he requires. They need to inform the group leader to make changes in the project or details. These systems have one problem that whole data is stored in MS-Excel, means each and every data is stored manually and they are not safe and each and every calculation is done manually. This consumes lot of time.

We need to develop new application that will be based on the database and they are more, fast, safe and secure than manual operations. It will the task easy, data will be secured so the general can’t manipulate the data. This will be based on the different modules:

Modules in IT Project Process Management Project:

login screen: it is the authentication of the employee with username and password; other user can’t access the system.

Add/update/delete projects: in this you can add your project, with name, your employee number, start and ending date of the project. You can delete the existing project. You can update your documents.

 Status report: you can track the current status of the reports with all the details. It will show all the completed documents, pending documents, with start dates and employee details.

To develop this application we will use JSP that is the part of the Java. We will MY SQL as the database and tomcat server that is used to run our application or you can say that it is PC based server.


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