A Wavelet Laplace Variational Technique .Net Project

Abstract: A wavelet Laplace variational technique is a project developed to improve the resolution of the images and to constract a new variational inpainting method. This method is based on PDE techniques which involves localized wavalet based methods. In this technique the variational formulation of the problem allows the users to build the properties of the recovered signal directly into the analytical machinery.
This application provide users to register to the site and become members.older users can enter into the site by giving the valid username and password and click the signin button.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 001

After entering into the site user will find the image deconvolution and in painting page with some affect providing fields which include invert,gray scale,brightness,contrast,color,resize,exposure,hue and saturation.All this options are available in basic mode.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 002
To start the work user should select an image from his computer and place it on the editor screen with the help of file menu.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 003
User can make changes to the image as he required. He can change the color of the image and he can apply the invert feature to the image.Invert feature will arrange the position of the image.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 004
User can use all the features to the image,he can apply the grayscale feature to the image which changes the color of the  image to the gray color.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 005

User  can increase the brightness of the image. This feature will be applied when he clicks on the brighten field on the left. This opens a popup menu with a scale to increase or decrease the brightness of the image. If the brightness is adjusted then he can click ok or he can get the previous image by selecting the restore button.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 006
User can contrast the image which makes the image looks different in luminance or color.Soon after clicking the contrast button a popup menu will be opened with a adjustment scale and restore button.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 007
User can adjust the color of the image in an easy way.A popup menu with the adjustment scale will be opened and make the work of the user much  easier. It also contains the options like colorize and restore.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 008
User can resize the image  by using the resize option . The resize popup menu includes the options width and height. An extra checkbox bi-linear filtering is also available in this resize option.if the size is adjusted then user need to click on the ok button which saves the specified size of the image.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 009
Exposure is an  amount of light per unit area which opens a popup menu with a adjustment scale and restore option.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 010
Hue is an option which is used to change or adjust the  color or shade of  the image. This also opens a popup menu with a adjustment scale and restore option.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 011

Saturation is an expression for the relative bandwidth of the visible output from a light source. This option gives the aspects of color in the red, green, and blue.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 012
When the user clicks on the topology identification button which is the second mode  it opens other page with some new effects which include emboss laplacian,horizontal,vertical,edge enhance.edge detect quick and sodel.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 013

The third mode provided by this application is convolute mode which will give other effects to the image  like remove noise,motion blur,frosted glass,bathroom window horizontal,bathroom window vertical, bathroom window both and partial gaussian blur.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 014
The fourth mode is in-painting which will allow the user to perform the actions like in-paint, smooth, gaussian blur,mean removal,sharpen and random jitter.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 015

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