Mobile Project Overview:

Mobile Phone based Attendance SystemMobile Phone based Attendance System project is implemented in java platform.In many colleges and schools teachers take attendance manually by each and every student.

They need to take attendance in each and every period in case of private engineering colleges and they have 60-90 students in a single class.

They need to look at each and every student and then mark on the attendance book absent or present. Then they carry the attendance book with them, they also need to keep them safely for future reference.

This takes lots of time in taking in attendance and at last of the year they need to count total attendance and then find the percentage of each and every student.

This is the burden on the professors.  To remove this burden we can develop such application that will take attendance automatically and fast. This application will be based on the different modules like:

List of Modules in this Mobile phone based Attendance System Project:

User: this module is for staff, they need to enter user name and password to enter this page, than only they can take attendance from mobile phones.

Attendance entry:  this module for marking the attendance of the students. They select branch, year and semester of the students. After that they mark to the absentees.

GPRS connectivity: with this function they send attendance list to the server that store the attendance in the database. It selects cell phone through GPRS.

Update database: this module manipulate the attendance list when it receives the signal from the cell phone.

Display: this module is for students, they can check their attendance, they need to select their year, semester and branch.

SMS: this is the best feature of the application; student can get his attendance on his cell phone by just sending an SMS from anywhere. 

Project Title: 

Mobile Phone based Attendance System

Software Requirements: 

This application is develop using J2ME that uses JSP, JDBS for the coding and MySQL for the database.

Hardware Requirements

                  System                      : IBM-Compatible PC

                  Processor                  : Pentium IV

                  Memory                 : 256 MB RAM

                  Hard Disk Drive        : 40 GB

                  Mobile Side               : Any GPRS enabled Mobile.