.Net Mini Projects for BCA, MCA and BTech

.Net Projects (Non-IEEE, Web Based, Window Based)

.Net Application Projects List

  1. Online Rental System
  2. Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool
  3. Load Balancing Strategies
  4. Web Enabled Estate Management System
  5. A Wavelet-Laplace Variation Technique
  6. Traveler Info System
  7. Web based Cargo Manager
  8. Defect Tracking System
  9. Distance Learning System
  10. Education Loans
  11. Human Resource Management System project
  12. Insurance Management System
  13. Online Art Gallery
  14. Online E Learning
  15. Online Examination
  16. Online Visa Processing
  17. Repository and Search Engine of a College
  18. Survey Manager
  19. Voting Software
  20. Content Based Image Retrieval System
  21. Addiction Recovery
  22. Airline Reservation System
  23. Asset Management System
  24. Automatic E-Card Forwarding
  25. Background Verification System
  26. Back To My Village
  27. Chemical Management System
  28. College Info
  29. Crime Detection Using Face Recognition
  30. Data Secure Encryption System
  31. E_Former
  32. E-Certificate
  33. E-Learning
  34. Electrical Database Maintenance
  35. E-Payroll
  36. E-Post office System
  37. E-Scholarship
  38. Fin Corp-Cash Controller
  39. Franchisee Management System
  40. Gram Panchayat Management System
  41. HRMS Resource Planning
  42. Information Portal
  43. instant interact New
  44. Intranet Communication
  45. Live Meeting Mailing System
  46. Digital Library
  47. Distributed Computing For E-Learning
  48. Digital School Management System
  49. Financial Forecast System
  50. TV Broadcasting System (Window Application)
  51. Employee Monitoring System
  52. Web Based Mail Service
  53. Airline Reservation System
  54. TV Shows project
  55. Access a World of Information
  56. Remote Networking Service
  57. Matrimonial Application
  58. Steganography
  59. Health Care Management
  60. Online Recruitment Process New
  61. Multi User Contact Manager
  62. Net Banking
  63. Office Management System
  64. Online Auction
  65. Online Auction For Customs Products In Sea Ports
  66. Online Bidding
  67. Online Evaluation tool
  68. Online Service Pivot
  69. Online Shopping
  70. Online Test Center
  71. Online Vehicle Tracking
  72. Online Virtual Classes
  73. Online Air Ticketing System
  74. Online Blood Bank (Blood Camber Services)
  75. Online Selection
  76. Order Processing Order
  77. Patron Complaints Resolving System
  78. Project Scheduler System
  79. Property 4 Hyderabad
  80. Pub Maintenance System
  81. Radical Application Portal
  82. Reality Event Organization
  83. RTA Information System (RTA)
  84. Societal Informatics
  85. Soft Solutions
  86. Software Project Organization
  87. Student Halt Mart
  88. Super Market
  89. Task Tracker Arranger System
  90. Tax Assessment Services
  91. Tele Communication Services
  92. Time Login & Leave Management
  93. Vehicle & Health Insurance Policy Premium Calculator
  94. Venture Information System
  95. Warehouse Management System
  96. Web Enabled Estate
  97. Web Tourist Programming System
  98. Zeppelin Reservation System
  99. Universal Feed Reader
  100. Information Screen In Share Marketing
  101. Online Art Gallery
  102. Secure Multimedia Audio & Video Streaming
  103. Automated Mobile Examination Results
  104. BSNL Office Management System
  105. Civil Registry
  106. Corporate Recruitment Management System
  107. Trading Partners Collaboration (Consulting Website)
  108. E Postal Services Network
  109. E2M Conference
  110. E-Cops (Online Crime Reporting)
  111. E Mobile Shop
  112. E-School Management System
  113. Friends Adda Social Networking Site
  114. Geo Spatial InfoTech Solutions
  115. H1B Visa Processing System
  116. Insurance Agent Management System
  117. Integral Construction Portal
  118. Knowledge Management System
  119. Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  120. Lead to Reed Transformation system
  121. Loss Control System (LCS) for Insurance Producers
  122. Prison Management System
  123. Mobile Payment System
  124. Online Auction
  125. Online Property Search
  126. Slow Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  127. Speed Cash System
  128. Student Fee Management System
  129. Advanced Online Parking
  130. Web Mart Online Shopping Paradise
  131. My Club – Club Management System
  132. College Information System
  133. Cooking Recipe Portal
  134. Shopping Cart System
  135. Digital Portico
  136. DTC Packers & Movers
  137. E Commerce Mobile Shop
  138. Online Electronic Shop
  139. Expo Management System
  140. E Learning Solutions
  141. Kiosk Management System
  142. Online Learning – Learn Direct through E-Commerce System
  143. Online Art Gallery
  144. Online Bus Reservation
  145. Online Real Estate
  146. Online Social Networking
  147. Security for OSN User Walls by Blacklisting the Misbehaving Users
  148. Perfume Gallery
  149. Online Learning Center
  150. Inventory Management System
  151. Tours & Travels Website
  152. Extreme Sport – Online Store
  153. Store Management System
  154. E Banking
  155. Online Survey Creator
  156. Enterprise Project and Defect Tracking Tool
  157. AICTE Campaign System
  158. Web Based Digital Watermarking Screenshots
  159. Web Hosting System
  160. Online Learning System

Technologies used to implement These Projects are:

ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, SQL Server.

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  1. I need more information on the following projects:
    68: College Result Analysis
    98: Leave Management System

    I need the owner information, how to deliver the project, and how to be paid for the project completion

  2. online shopping dress collection project c# and sql with document
    online shopping dress collection project php and my sql with document

    1. i need online shopping dress collection project c# and sql
      i need online shopping dress collection project php and my sql

  3. i need these projects by c# or asp.net soon please:

    Blood Bank Management System
    Blood Donation Agent System
    Food Ordering System
    Hotel Administration & Management
    Medical Care Management System


  4. please send me any project using mvc4 in asp.net whose codes are written in visual studio 2012 soon……….plz plz its urgent

  5. Hi.. I need a project on voice recognization with personal identification number through mobile. with abstract front end .Net and back end my sql. Its very urgent send it soon by tomorrow morning.

  6. 1PD63 – Digital EYE Ad Designer Services
    1PD41 – SMTP Mail Server
    1PD35 – Online Social Networking Site
    Sir please send me detail of above given project

  7. Please I need these projects,
    1PD1 – Airline Reservation System
    1PD2 – Human Resource Management System
    1PD5 – Online Shopping Cart and

  8. i am doing mca in my mini project hotel and tourist services

    frontend asp.net
    backend oracle
    how to connect asp.net and oracle

  9. i need access a world of information project in front end Asp.net and back end SQL with abstract….pls send it soon..

  10. please can you send me these 2 project
    1PD30 – Shopping Cart
    1PD31 – Online Shopping System
    1PD13 – Find My Buddy

  11. hi can you please send me the project 1PD20 – Warehouse Management System , 1PD51 – Call Support System, 1PD53 – Cargo Logistics with final documentation, it will be very ful if you send it urgently


  12. Kindly please send me the source code for the below given titles
    1PD61 – Defect Tracking System
    1PD34 – Blood Donation Agent System
    1PD22 – Vehicle Hiring System
    I need the coding with visual studio 2010 IDE…. Its Urgent Please do the needful

  13. I too appreciate to your efforts and helpful ..I am a student and searching in the field wimax.. I kindly request information related to wimax , .

    Thanks alot

  14. Plz give source code documentation report of my related website on my email id
    medical care management system

  15. hi, please i will like you to help me with some ideas on Computerized software for exams. i need a written proposal. thanks.

  16. Hi,

    can u please send me 1PD76 Student Management System Documentation with source code.
    it will be very greatful for me…..

  17. Kindly please send me the source code for the below given titles
    1PD18 – Project Controller
    1PD39 – Web Based Mail Service
    1PD90 – Project Scheduler
    1PD13 – Find My Buddy
    I need the coding with visual studio 2010 IDE…. Its Urgent Please do the needful

  18. Kindly please send me the source code & projects for the below given titles
    1PD13 – Find My Buddy
    1PD18 – Project Controller
    1PD88 – Mail Client
    I need the coding with visual studio 2010 C# IDE…. Its Urgent Please do the needful

  19. Can you please send me the projects with the titles
    1PD8 – Blood Bank Management System
    1PD34 – Blood Donation Agent System
    – (Asp.net in c# & sql server )

  20. 1PD71 – Online Recruitment Process

    Hello sir can you send me this project.
    Awaiting you response and positive reply.

  21. Sir can you please send me the following projects:
    1PD14 – Food Ordering System
    1PD80 – Hotel Administration & Management
    1PD84 – Medical Care Management System

  22. Hii ca you please send me dis full project 1PD84 – Medical Care Management System and 1PD14 – Food Ordering System of vb.net and database if possible ms

  23. i Have needed Project Idea and Info about RTI(right to information) system in asp.net using C# , if any kind of information. pls send me

  24. can u please send me a online shoe shopping project in asp.net
    its kind of urgent
    please contact me within 2 days
    someone please help me

  25. Franchisee Management System
    E Mobile Shop
    Insurance Agent Management System
    Online Real Estate

    Kindly send me details of above projects

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