Phone Billing and Managing VB.Net Project for MCA Final Year Students

Introduction to Phone Billing and Managing VB.Net Project:

This project focuses on administration and billing of the phone and make sure that it is developed as a part of the X standard Visual Basic stand alone project. More Phone Billing And Administration is an application software that is designed to maintain the data related to the entry of the phone application, allocation of phones to silent, shifting old phones, management of pain complaints, call registrations, generation of monthly phone bills its.

The existing system is based on manual application and thus this project aims to make this seem automate. Apart from maintaining the phone billing in a computerized manner this application can also manage:

Phone numbers that are allocated to customers

Monthly entry of bill

Generation of monthly bill

Registration of complaining

Managing the applications that are received in connection of phones


To make the system of phone bill generation and billing process automatic this application can be used by any company that is engaged in phone billing.

A P2P Architecture for Internet Scale Content Based Search and Retrieval Project

Introduction to A P2P Architecture for Internet Scale Content Based Search and Retrieval Project:

The model peer-to-peer is one of the most popular software and with the passing of time it has become more attractive and powerful. This helps in modifying and developing the system of internet scale for the resource sharing which includes documents and files. Nodes are used for distribution of these systems and they are usually located across several networks as well as domains. It affects the efficient retrieval of the important information’s  Plus, in this document we take in consideration all the effects of the construction  that is overlaid and logically aware on the peer-to-peer keyword search algorithms.

As per the existing system the participating nodes of planet construct an inverted index globally over the space of the keyboard which is constructed partially by each node. The basis of the framework includes bloom filters which usually capture Pi nodes. In the rest of the community these filters are gossiped about randomly so that every peer can make a membership query about the Pi contents. Foam filters can be disseminated efficiently in an environment because of its small size that helps in maintaining the filter. The P2P churn rate system makes the peer maintenance an endeavor job.

System Flow Diagram:

P2P Architecture for Internet Scale

The individual peer numbers can be defined by the churn rate that helps in moving out and in from a network over a particular time period thus it may be possible that high rate can translate into the process of maintenance of the bloom filters. In contrast to our framework PlanetP can enable the users to find out the answers of the users’ queries in less timings. It depends on the filter contents like with the peer contents filters go into synchrony.

As per the the context of the Internet-Scale this presumption cannot be easily given a satisfactory explanation and therefore we focus only on the local knowledge that too at an increased amount to get the correct results. The utilization as bloom filters are considered and it is supplementary to the approach made by us. This is just ideal when the network size is limited.

Final Year MCA Project Idea on Pawn Broker Office Automation Visual Basic Project Abstract

Introduction to Pawn Broker Office Automation Visual Basic Project:

At the pawn broker office loan is given on the basis of silver and gold jewelers and this is the main activity of these kind of firms. Our client is very prestigious and they are doing well with their business in this city.

They are doing this business for over the past 10 years and with time the numbers of clients have also increased highly which makes it difficult to keep a track of the customers as per stated by the regulations of the government. This gives rise to the need of a software.

The main purpose of office automation system software is to handle the records of the customers and it includes calculation of interest, preparing lists of defaulters, pledging its. The objective of this project is to provide the organization with the interface that is required to handle the daily transactions of the company.

The project in order to cater the diverse needs of the company must able to update on a timely basis. The new proposed project will surely help them in various manners.

The present system provides the use of manual system and with the increased number of record keepings and data entry in the book makes the job of searching, as per requirement a very complex job. Presently the bills are also prepared manually.

The proposed system will take care of all these problems and this project is based on the model of networking. To communicate between each other you can connect as many computers you want. It enables to make the billing as well as the calculation of interest more simpler.

If you want to get this project then you can either mail us or contact us. For giving the purchase order you can sms us and we will dispatch the delivery at your residential address. You can collect it from the postman by paying the charges.

Payroll Management System

Introduction to Payroll Management System Project:

Payroll Management System document formally defines about the requirements of the new proposed theory and it also briefly state about the non-functional and functional requirements.

At the same time it includes a description about the interface that is used by the users as well as the requirements of the training and documentation.

Payroll Management project helps to generate the rate of salary each month and it is also equipped with a system that can take care of the attendance of the employee’s in a firm. It keeps a track of the employees attendance and on that basis it generate the monthly salary.

It also helps to generate pay slip as well as the summary of the payroll. The report of the ESI and provident fund is generate by this system. Printout is also available so that it can be submitted to the department.

Existing System:

The present calculation of the salary is done manually and it takes a lot of time to compose the employee’s salary. The salary slip also takes a long time to create and as this is a tiresome and cumbersome process it takes a lot of time.

It also delays the salary distribution system. Sometimes the salary is not generated within the stipulated time period thus creating a lot of hassle.

Error is the other major problem of the manual system and even with repeated cross check some of the other errors surely persist which can cause a lot of problems.

To solve this problem the organization need an ideal software that can take care of  all these.

Proposed System:

The new proposed Payroll Management system will surely eradicate all these issues that they are facing now and this software is created in such a manner that it automatically generate the salary of the employees every month without any worries.

This software also keeps a track of the employees attendance, payslip and payroll summary.

Project Management MS Access Database Tables will be useful for database design. This project is implemented in different languages like java,

Project Ideas for MCA Students on Package for Photo Color lab Using Visual Studio

Introduction to Package for Photo Color lab Project:

The leading color lab is studios and they make use of advanced processing techniques and machines in the lab. Their focus of processing the films followed by their printouts. They are in this filed and continuing this business for  the past five years. To maintain the order’s of the customers properly they make use of the latest system that can easily keep the track of all the orders and make the billing more easier than before.

This project focuses on taking the customer’s order that is based on the roll number, advance taken, billing and other related activities. All this should be the part of a single program. Side by side the application should also able to maintain the details of payments and salaries of employees etc.

The software that is proposed recently should be simple and user friendly. It should able to mains the rolls received from the customers and followed by printing them in order. It should also able to deduct the advance payment during the final billing preparation. All this should be implemented in this software still keeping the overall structure simple at the same time. This software should also showcase the orders that are received at one end till they are altogether billed.

This software is designed in a single form and at the same time provides the options here only. The structure of the software should be very simple and easy to use. The results should be further appear in a tabulated format. The facility of a printout should also be available.

Package for Flower Distributor Java Project Idea for MCA Students

Introduction to Package for Flower Distributor Java Project:

The project PACKAGE FOR FLOWER DISTRIBUTOR is designed to handle the daily transaction of the distributor of flower. This is a software application that helps in maintaining issues related to sales. Purchases, Returns, updates, bank flows, sales and the music store recorder level. The aim of this application is to make the existing system automate because it is a manual system of maintaining records of sales, purchases, returns, monetary position of supplier and other transactions that are made at the counter. music stores can also use this software to make the manual system of marinating of data is to automate system. It includes the maintenance of liquid flows and stock.

The manual system is presently used for keeping the transaction records that include purchases, returns and sales along with handling of customers and suppliers accounts. These should be automated for brief and accurate results and it also demands an application that can perform all the work logically. The system must be efficient to replace the present manual method without any problem of major need for modification. Plus, the application should give authenticate results at a quick pace and enable to record the works successfully. It should also be able to provide reviews for the growth of business that can be easily compared. It should also able to provide the reports in a detailed manner so that important decisions can be easily taken on its basis.

An SRS is an organization’s understanding of a customer and the requirements of a client’s system at a specifies time before the actual design or work of development. This is a two way insurance policy that makes sure that both the organization and the client understand the requirements from the particular perspective given at a particular point of time. This document is written in an explicit language as well as in a precise manner.

Online College Record Management System Project Synopsis for MCA Students

Introduction to Online College Record Management System Project:

This undertaking gives special emphasizes for scholars, administration, staff and guardians to look after records connected. Each module has claim login and could be utilized to enter his or her qualified data.

Online record management or college management system project can be implemented in java and  platforms. Here we provide synopsis for the project.


  • Management can see records of all learners connected. They can set connected exam, connected reaction and so on.
  • Students can see their advancement connected.
  • All books are kept up connected. Stock reports are in addition taken connected.
  • Parents can see advancement report of his/ her little person connected. He can in addition see charges status.
  • Staff can set connected participation records and significantly more emphasizes.

When picking an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) its fundamentally significant to recognize limitations on assets, mechanics or the space good to go that might influence the decision of the framework or supplier e.g. in the event that your group presently goes with an old workstation framework, you will choose in the event that it can bear to redesign your present framework to oblige a brand new ERMS.

The aggregate fiscal cost of obtaining an ERMS includes more than the buy of one programming system. There are more co partnered expenses to think about, for example:

  • The redress number of licenses (to conform to enactment);
  • On-going update, uphold or help bureau expenses;
  • Staff time needed to plan and drop in information on to the framework;

The points of interest of utilizing Attendance administration framework at your office lack the capacity to be undervalued.

When the limit of any conglomeration is truly immense, its exceptionally troublesome to check/manage entry and flight of each worker and with regards to part days, leaves taken, late checks and vacations, it’s truly troublesome and repetitive work uphold a register of everyday looking after statutory records, computation of extra time and transfer of identified informative content to the payroll plan.

Such a variety of teams are actualizing time participation programming in India to have particular records. To improve benefit and development some humble, medium and great scales communities incline toward utilizing Attendance System.

Final Year CSE Project Idea on Smart Class with Report

Keen Class is programming awhile back would enhance the present teaching method of instructing. The present educating philosophy has certain disadvantages. This task is an exertion to uproot the proposed and upgrade the existing framework. This programming could be executed by any establishment to robotize the present manual and dull jobs included in enlightening. It might be utilized by the administration, educator, people and different staff parts of the establishment with equivalent simplicity and strength.

The programming points at making the instructing method more intuitive and intriguing. The administration can utilize the programming to computerize some manual and dreary assignment like select unique scholars, inform staff and understudies, and support the participation record and so on. Instructors can screen the whole class by method of their particular desktop within a lone click. They can give assignments, informative data and so on.

Electronically the people can additionally cooperate with their instructors and get a preferred understanding of the subjects. They could be needed to give connected tests and assignments dependent upon which their advancement report could be made mechanically. Their advancement report can then be sent to their gatekeepers. An e-library can be given which joins every last trace of the key mull over materials.

Sharp Class gives an enlightening and memorizing explanation that incorporates rich media computerized studying materials to help scholars and educators. The picking up material store comprises of many exceedingly enlivened, lesson particular, 3D and 2D sight and sound modules. Brilliant Class is additionally long ago would robotize some drawn out and dull assignments like Attendance, Class Test Evaluation, Assignments and whatnot. It in addition produces a monthly report dependent upon Student’s exhibition, Attendance record, Test report and whatnot.

Notwithstanding send it to the Guardians. Shrewd Class utilized a unique class layout to give preferable nature for studying. In this nature we utilize machines, projector, and speakers and so forth. to make enlightening and studying method simple and productive. Brilliant Class moreover incorporates certain emphasizes like Query records, Teacher Grading framework, Library Update and so on. to investigate and upgrade the present way of instructing. The programming points at making the educating system more intelligent and enthralling.

Final Year CSE Asp.Net Project Idea on Student Information Tool with Abstract

‘Student Information Tool’ an electronic Information System for Vision InfoTech Ltd. that helps basic access of qualified data for the user’s and encourages them to look for master direction from the workforces through the Internet. The framework is fine tuned to cater the changing requests of the user’s group looking for a vocation with Vision InfoTech courses and undertakings.

The framework is outlined consolidating a broad show of decisions to guarantee most extreme uphold and direction for the user’s logging into the post. The highlights of the framework incorporate an enquiry framework, to handle the inquiries of the learners, an enrollment and booking framework that furnishes connected booking and enrollment offices for the user’s right from any part of the globe.

The user can utilize this framework to experience a user-accommodating stay that perceives his each motivation. The users are given a broad choice of decisions and he can pick any of the choices consistent with his requirements. Utilizing the ‘Easy Administrator’ module from the perspective of the Database Administrator by utilizing the ‘Easy Administrator’ module improves as well as adaptability –the extreme witticism of the framework –. The overseer can utilize the offices gave as a part of this module to handle the diverse operations identified with redesigning the Database with straightforwardness.

The Java Script in the Front-End is fueled by Back-End Java Server Pages, which catches the solicitations from the Front-End and blazes suitable reactions. The JSP on the server favor the assistance of suitable drivers builds with the Database and perform the essential roles. The destination is advanced utilizing java from Sun Microsystems. Java and HTML are utilized for Front-End advancement. Java Server Pages and Web Server 5.1 on Windows NT 4.0 are utilized for the Server Side Programming. Oracle8i the influential Relational Database Management System administers the storehouse of Courses, learners, Enquiries, FAQ’s and different perpetual qualified data.

Banking System Project Documentation

“A bank is a budgetary go-between that receives stores and channels these stores into loaning exercises, either straight or through capital business sectors”.

A bank joins clients with capital shortfalls to clients with capital. Stores at first comprised of grain and later different products incorporating cows, rural enables, and finally valuable metals for example gold, in the manifestation of simple-to-convey layered plates.

1.         “Banking” implies the business of gaining cash on current or store record, paying and gathering cheques drawn by or paid in by clients, the making of developments to clients, and incorporates such different business.

2.         “Managing an account business” denotes the business of either or both of the emulating:

1.         receiving from the general available cash on current, store, reserve funds or different comparative record repayable on interest or within less than [3 months] … additionally with a period of call or observe of less than that period;

2.         Paying or gathering cheques drawn by or paid in by clients.

Channels which give banks make simple to utilize keeping money:

Banks accord a considerable number of unexpected channels to enter their saving money and different aids:

  1. ATM is a machine that apportions money and some of the time takes stores without the requirement for a human bank teller.
  2. An extension is a retail area.
  3. Call focus
  4. Mail: most banks receive check stores through post and utilize send to impart to their clients, e.g. by conveying articulations
  5. Mobile saving money: is a strategy for utilizing one’s cellular telephone to direct saving money transactions
  6. Online saving money: is a term utilized for performing transactions, installments and so on. over the Internet
  7. Relationship Managers,: for the most part for private saving money or business keeping money, regularly visiting clients at their homes or occupations
  8. Telephone saving money: is a utility which permits its clients to perform transactions over the telephone without addressing a human
  9. Video managing an account: is a term utilized for performing keeping money transactions or master saving money counsels through a remote motion picture and sound association.