Shopping Mart Android Application




At present world the moment of increase in use of the Smartphone’s and PDA’s, we could have a clear vision to make android application. This application allows the user to select the items related to shopping mart eg: Reliance shopping mart.


This android application contains different categories like Electronics, Trousers, Fooditems , Clothes in this way application is designed user can select items and send the selected data to the server related to the particular shopping mart. In this application the data of all categories will generated dynamically by using server and it contains list views to present the data and we use different modules in this async task and saxparser. we can use location module in this application it is optional. This application provide you door delivery features through gateway or cash on delivery.


The existing shopping mart system in market is when user want to buy any items from shopping mart or user want to select items instantly it is impossible to get instantly. It is not possible to select items from home or any other place .user will definitely go to shopping mart directly. So for this problem we introduced proposed system.


The proposed system of this application will provide the goods and user items in particular shopping mart user can select the items instantly from home or any place instantly by using this user can get the items to user door step with out going to the shopping mart. The server provide the all information about shopping mall and total products in their mall, and shows by categories wise. By using this user can find the location of the shopping mart for your desire.


  • Server:- 

By using this module the items will generate dynamically and it will present in list views in this we are using some modules they are async task and saxparser

And our own server.

Module 2:

  • Locations:-

By using this module user can find the Exact location of the particular shopping mart and the branches of the particular shopping mart.


  • UI designing(User Interface Designing):-

By using this module we can provide better UI to the user for good look and feel in this we use some modules Layouts in XML file.


  • Asynctask:-

This is the module to do the background work for the particular activity.


  • ListViews:-

This is the module to present the data in list view.

Alumni Portal App Mobile Application


In this project, we are developing a real time Android Mobile Application. This App provides a platform for sharing information among different categories of an Educational institution and brings information together from diverse source in a uniform way. The category mainly includes Alumni Students. The App will be a mobile app which runs on any Android Operating System.

The Alumni will be always interested and keen to maintain relations with the institution he/she studied. With this app, they can contribute much to the institution in the form of providing guidance to their juniors regarding various aspects like career opportunities, way or preparation for entrance exams etc.This information from Alumni will be much useful to the juniors as they can be guided with different fields such as Industry, Research, various upcoming technologies etc.

The app can be different from any other various social networking sites as the design is from our side, we need not to depend on others to perform various modification’s on the features like adding a new feature, modifying the existing feature, deleting a feature etc.

Not only the students, the portal also provides platform for the faculty to share their knowledge and impart to them effectively.


The proposed system is completely integrated online systems.


1. User Module (Front end & Back End)

a) Alumni

b) Student (junior)

c) Faculty

2. Admin Module


Software Requirements:

Operating system            :               Windows Xp / windows 7.

Tool                                       :               Eclipse IDE

Data Base                            :               SQL Server 2005

Fun and Food Android Project

Existing System:

Currently there are no proper managed system which can give all the information’s easily at one place, if a person wants to know about the current event happening around him, then he have to use a pc to search related information and there are no proper website exists which provides all the information at the same place, then if he gets the event location even though he have to suffer a lot to reach that place, in the stadium after taking the seat if the person wants to eat something or order something he need to go to the food court nearby him and place an order and wait till they served , while the mean time he will miss lots of content of the show. This is what the existing unmanaged system look like.

Proposed System:

The Fun and Food application can manage all those things in a very good and efficient way, The application is very powerful and efficient that it can locate user’s position and track all the nearby events currently available, if user selects any event the app will automatically provide rout map for the location and direct him on the go, once the person get to his seat, he will get all the information about nearby food courts available nearby him and according to the user’s selection food courts menu will be displayed then the user can place his order, and within a few minutes the order will be served and the bill will be charged after serving the order.

The proposed system makes all the unmanaged and irritating conditions of the existing system very interesting and very easy.


  • UI designing
  • Authentication
  • Server connection
  • End Response
  • GPS tracker

Flight Tracking Android Application

Flight Tracking Android Application will shows points on the Google map. User will track the Flight details based on Time and Name of the flight. We fetch the data from MySql database.

If we search by time all flights at that particular time will shown on the Google map with point where exactly flight is by Google marker of flight icon (icon is attached in the email). Here result will be one or more points on the Map.

If we search by flight name, only that particular flight will be shown on the map. Any way user has an option of selecting multiple flight names in one search.

 Front End: User interface will have Google map with Points Marked on it.

One search button: When user clicks this button Map must get refreshed with new data. If user has not selected any flight name use must get a pop up message stating that please select any flight name before proceeding to search.

Dropdown Checkbox list:  This control will have list of flight names. User can select one or more flight names by checking the Checkbox beside the name of the flight. When user clicks the

Time Level Control:  this is same as Google map zoom control a scale with complete one week  duration with + and – Symbols at the ends of the scale ; When user launches the app , mover  will be at the top of the scale. When the user clicks the – (minus) sign the immediate previous position of the flight is pointed on the map. Time level control will work on currently selected items i.e., when user clicks + or – signs of this control work on the

Flight Icon: This icon is used to show the position on the Google map. When the user clicks on the icon flight description should be popped up. (Flight icon is attached in the mail)

Data Base: FlightTracking table:

Column NAME Type Flight Tracking Description
FlightName Varchar(100) Name of the flight
Flight_ID Varchar(50) ID or code of the flight
Description Varchar(250) Description about the flight
latitude Varchar(25) latitude
longitude Varchar(25) longitude
CurrentLocation Varchar(100) Current Location of the flight
Destination Varchar(100) Destination Location of the flight
Starting Point Varchar(100) starting Location of the flight
ExpectedArrivingTime DateTime
JourneyDuration Long or double
DetailsUpdatedTime DateTime time when flight details got updated.( time of row inserted)

Note:  Setup Notes is required.

Expected Software n technologies:

Eclipse latest version and Android Virtual device of Samsung s2.

JavaWeb services and MySql server.

Free SMS Mobile Service Android Application

Requirement Determination 

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study mainly focuses on whether the system is feasible or not.It concentrates on various kinds of feasibility such as the following : 

Technical feasibility :

This is mainly concerned with specifying equipment and software that will      successfully satisfy the user requirement. We studied our project “Free Sms Mobile Service” is technically feasible with the equipments and software provided to us.

Operational feasibility :

It is mainly related to how the system will be operated by the user. And whether the new user will feel ease to use the system. “Free Sms Mobile Service” is feasible in this aspect because any user of the system can operate the system easily.

Social feasibility :

This is concerned with the determination of whether the system will be      acceptable to the people or not. “Free Sms Mobile Service” is acceptable to the user from all the aspects with its predefined factors.

Economic feasibility :

This is most frequently used technique for evaluating the effectiveness of a    proposed System.“ Free Sms Mobile Service”. This is procedure to determine the benefits and savings that are expected from proposed system and compare them with cost.

Management feasibility :

This is used for determination of whether a “Free Sms Mobile Service” is acceptable to user or not. If user does not accept project, the analyst will tend to view the project as non-feasible. 

Time feasibility :

This is mainly concerned with the determination of whether the system project can be implemented fully within stipulated time period. “Free Sms Mobile Service” is feasible with aspects of time as it would be fully prepared and could be implemented in the given period of our project training.

User Interface Design 

Home Screen 

  • This is the home screen of an application in which user has to provide Username(10 digit number), Password and Select particular Gateway.

Through which user can send messages. 

Free SMS Mobile Service Android Application

Selection of Inbox Screen 

  • Through this screen, user can select messages of  inbox or compose new  messages. 

Send Message Screen

  • Through this screen user can send messages to particular number which can be selected from contact list or user can send messages to known number. 

Sign Up Screen 

  • Through this screen user can Register on different websites like Way2sms, 160by2, fullonsms, site2sms.

User Manual 

  • First user has to provide username and password of particular website on which he/she  is registered.Then user has to select that website and click on Login button.
  • After that user has to select Compose Message / Inbox.
  • After that user can fetch contacts from contacts list or he/she can enter number if he/she knows directly in number field.
  • User has to type message in Message box or user can fetch messages from inbox also.
  • Then user can click on Send button.Message will be received by the receiver. 
  • User can also Sign Up and create his/her account on various websites if user doesn’t have any account and thus user can use the applicaton.


  • User must enter valid number i.e. number must start from 7, 8 or 9 only and number must have 10 digits.
  • Enter the valid password.
  • User should select appropriate gateway.

Future Enhancement

  • In future, User can send Group Messages.
  • If website permits to send messages of more than 130 characters then user can take benefit of it.

Fitness Manager Android Application

The project we have undertaken named “Fitness Manager”. It is android application that is handy and easy to use for any user having this application. We found that before us, there was no application available in the market which can create the diet-plan for user. So we decided to take it as a challenge.

Any user having android mobile or any other android device can use this application and can utilize its numerous features.

This project delivers source code and user manual. Also when it suppose to be installed in a device, the necessary instructions can be referred from the user manual.

Fitness manager Android project

The time duration to develop this project is 4 months and resources needed were laptops- to develop application in and android mobile device which is used to deploy this application on.

Project Goals

The following are project goals.

Project Goal                    Priority Comment/Description/Reference
Functional Goals: 1
To develop a diet plan According to the user type, the diet plan will be generated
To generate daily report Also to keep user notifying about his diet, a daily report is generated.
 Technological Goals: 2
To analyze user This helps in creating the diet plan for the user.
Quality Goals: 3
Application is handy Most android device contains all hardware and software requirements for this application.
Smart and attractive` interfaces This makes feel user a friendly application and ease to use.
Constraints: 4
Environmental No environmental changes affect the result of the application.
National standards National standards for measuring height and weight are used.

 Schedule of the Project

Milestones Description
M0 Start Project
Project goals and scope defined, Requirement gathering
M1 Start Designing
Interfaces are designed
M2 Start Coding
The core logic of the system was developed.
M3 Testing the Application
Different test cases are designed to test application for any bug.
M4 Deployment of the Application
Application is deployed in device to test its result
M5 Documentation and User Manual Development
Documentation for future developers and user manual for user  is designed.

Project Definition:

            This is a mobile application for people who are concern with their health issues. Not only general people but also with some problem like obese, thinness, diabetic person etc, Can use this application.

Preliminary Investigation:

At this stage we had to perceive the problem and opportunities. We went to a health care center Prevention Health Care to review the existing system. We had to find out initially what the activities they are performing are, how they analyze user and how diet plans are created for particular person. we found out that, such proposed system would be possible to make within given scope and it might be a feasible solution for the users.

Selecting the project development strategy:

As we had developed android application, we had to follow object-oriented strategy for system development. As android is java based development tool which is pure object-oriented language.

Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager Android Application

Project Title: ‘Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager’

Project Technology: Android

Scopes of Project:

  • It allows user to define which calls from the contacts/numbers to be blocked, allows editing and deleting blocked contact list.
  • User can synchronize the contact list from phone.
  • Application allows the User to define Schedule in terms of date & time in a day of week.
  • It allows User to select criteria for blocking incoming calls in four ways:

1)   Block all incoming calls

2)   Block incoming calls from only blocked numbers

3)   Block incoming calls from Unknown numbers

4)   Block incoming calls from blocked numbers and Unknown numbers

  • It silent the incoming call if it falls in defined criteria.
  • Then it sends one SMS (Text Message) to the caller with the text predefined by the user.
  • By saving configuration user can anytime start or stop whole ‘Do Not Disturb’ service using a single button click. 

Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager

Tools and Technologies:


  • Android

Front End Tools:

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Eclipse provided Android – Device Emulator
  •   Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Back End Tools:

  • Db4o Database Engine

(It is a database engine open source object-oriented, its acronym is Data Broil 4 (for) Objects. It is developed to work with developments in Java and .Net. Db4o runs on any operating system that supports these languages.) 


Project Definition 

It is an application for mobile phones using the operating  system  Android  whose  function is to automatically mute  calls to contacts has previously been defined as blocked in a time  frame,  both  times  as  daily.  Once  the call  has  been ended,  Do Not Disturb leave the phone in normal mode both volume and vibration.  It also provides added functionality such as send warning messages indicating that you are sleeping (or busy).

Preliminary Investigation 

The idea about the project is got from the requirement for not to be disturbed by a call from others at some specific time. The application is for android phone, so the development to be done using android technology. In order to block (mute) the incoming call, we have to get the number and check that whether it falls in Blocking criteria, if it is then change the Phone state to silent (if it is General) and on ending the call change state to General and send auto reply. 

Selecting the project development Strategy 

Since the technology used is android for this application and android uses java as base language for programs I have selected the Object Oriented System Development (OOSD) as the development strategy. Again the entities involved in this application can be considered as Objects and we can also store those Objects in the database. So I have used the Database Engine db4o.  

Buddies Hub – Keep in Touch Android Project

SMS service is provided by the Carrier and they take charges to use that service. People now a day’s paid so many charges to use this SMS service.

Simple SMS service is works as first Mobile-x sends message to mobile-y so that first of all it goes to MSC server. MSC server sends that message to centralized SMSC server. Centralized SMSC server sense the receiver phone number and forward same message to receiver i.e. mobile-y network’s MSC server. MSC server push that message to mobile-y and it gets the message which is send by the mobile-x.

Buddies Hub Android Apllication

If sometimes MSC server get too many connection at that time the delivery period of the SMS will be increased and message is delivered late to receiver.

Sometimes if carrier network is down than your important message will not deliver instantly. You send you message to your friend in the morning and it will be delivering to your friend at night or else in the evening.

Carrier charges is now a days little bit low in case of you want to sent message in the local state. But while if you want to sent message outside of your state than it will be little bit costly and if you want to sent message out side of your country then it will be more costly.

To make SMS service more cost effective and fast delivery of the message here I am going to introduced with new application named as “Buddies Hub – Keep in Touch

Buddies Hub – Keep in Touch is an application in which user can able to send message with his friend without use of the carrier Short Message Service (SMS).

BuddiesHub application is works on the device which have Android platform. Now a day’s Android is fastest growing technology in the mobile market.

This project is developed to use Android operating system. Android is an object oriented operating system to mobile devices using a modified version of the kernel Linux.

When user install apk file of my project first of all user has to register him with that application with the help of his mobile number.

Once he is successfully registered with the application then he can login in the application with provided mobile number and password to send messages to his friend.

After successful login user can able to send message to his friend and check inbox for any new message is received by him.

Main functionality of this application is that user can sent message to his friend and desired person without any cost of the carrier charges only one thing is required is that it must be connected with the internet connection.

This application basically works on the platform of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

When user send message it will go to server on which database resides and when receiver opens inbox at that time it will recall its message from remote database and display in inbox. User can also reply of that message and forward it also.

  1. Tools and Technology
  • Front End :
  • Tools :

o   Eclipse Helios

o   Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

  • Technology :

o   Android 2.0 (API Level – 7)

o   Dot Net Framework 3.5

o   Jdk1.6.0

  • Back End :
  • Tools :

o   Microsoft SQL Server 2005

  • Documentation:
  • Tools :

o   Microsoft Office 2007 

  1. Planning

At present people are using carrier service to send message and they will charge from the user for that service. This application allows user to send message to another user of this application based on web.

My project planning is that I want people become aware of the free message sending facility. 

Project definition 

“Message sending Application based on Android without use of carrier SMS service” is the main goal of this system.

In this application there is a server which maintains the database of the application and stores the message of all the applicants.

Registered user can send the message to other registered user with the help of internet. 

Preliminary Investigation

  • Once I my father got a call from our relative who lives out of India asking for phone number of another relative at that time in call my father gave him phone number but because of some reason he did not note down it correctly so that after some time again he call to my father and asked for sending him text. At that time that charges to send text was too much high and also call charges to my relative was too much because of ISD call at that time I found that these problem could be resolved through available techniques known to me.

Selecting project Development Strategy

  • Buddies Hub – Keep in Touch project developed for Android device using (OOSD) Object-Oriented System Development because Android is Java based and Java is pure Object Oriented Programming Language.

Read Message Java Source Below

package com.BuddiesHub;


import android.content.Intent;

import android.os.Bundle;

import android.view.Menu;

import android.view.MenuInflater;

import android.view.MenuItem;

import android.widget.TextView;


public class ReadMessage extends Activity


TextView sender,msg,date;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)







Intent intent=getIntent();



date.setText(intent.getStringExtra("date")+" "+intent.getStringExtra("time"));


public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu)


MenuInflater menuinflater=getMenuInflater();

menuinflater.inflate(, menu);

return true;



public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item)




case :

Intent intent=new Intent(getBaseContext(),Forward.class);

intent.putExtra("msg", msg.getText().toString());


return true;

case :

Intent replyIntent=new Intent(getBaseContext(),Reply.class);

replyIntent.putExtra("receiver", sender.getText().toString());


return true;




return true;

default:return super.onOptionsItemSelected(item);




Bluetooth File Transfer Android Application

Project Profile 

  • Project Bluetooth File Transfer is intended to provide access to the user’s Android device’s directory structure and will allow user to send (transfer) selected files over Bluetooth to another device.
  • Application developed in this project will provide some basic features like listing of files and directories and allowing cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, search, sort features.
  • Application will provide user to select multiple files and folders from the listed and transfer selected files over Bluetooth after enabling Bluetooth and connecting with other devices.
  • Application will also provide features of enabling and disabling of Bluetooth and searching Bluetooth devices in the range and connecting them.
  • Application will also provide user to send a text message that contains description of the file user wants to receive over Bluetooth.
  • After sending text message the remote device sends the file and local device internally accepts that file.

Bluetooth File Transfer Screen

Tools and Technologies Used 

  1. Technology :- Android 2.3.3 (API Level-10)
  1. Tools :- Eclipse Juno

Eclipse has been used as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create, build and run Android Project.

  • Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge tool has been used to connect with the android virtual device and perform terminal based operations.

  • LogcatLogcat has been used as tool to track activities happening onto the device (emulator) and track error and handle exceptions thrown by the application during development phase.
  1. Planning

Project Definition:-

“Bluetooth File Transfer” is an android application that provides exploration of directory structure of local device and allows basic file operations like cut, copy, paste, rename, search, sort and delete features. It also allows sending of selected files over Bluetooth and creating a text file and sending over Bluetooth.

Preliminary Investigation:-

Communication means sharing of information. Communication plays a vital role in any area to get success. Communication can be done using various mediums and in this application I have used Bluetooth as a medium to share information over two devices.

This application allows sending and receiving of files over connected Bluetooth devices. Main purpose of the application is to send multiple files at a time and user defined message that is a small description of file to be received as file and receiving described file over Bluetooth.

Selecting the project development Strategy:-

Object Oriented System development.

Develop Work Plan:- 

  1. System Analysis 

Requirement Determination :- 

Feasibility Study:- 

  • Technical:-

­        The mobile application will be developed in Android so, it requires the mobile device to be supported .apk file

­        The communication between two devices mobile device will be using Bluetooth so, both devices should be Bluetooth enabled.

  • Operational:-

­       The user should have knowledge of operating or using computer as well as android mobile because the application is to be developed for both environments.

­       The applications support only English language so the user should know English language.

  • Economical:- To use the application, user must have android mobile device with enabled Bluetooth. So user should be able to afford that device.

Requirement Specification :- 

  • Purpose:-

­        Application is developed to provide an interface that allows user to explore directory structure of the device and provide basic operational features on file and folders and transfer files over Bluetooth.

  • Overview:-

­        Application allows user to view directory structure of device and perform basic file/folder operations.

­        Application allows sending files over Bluetooth that are selected.

­        Application allows creating and sending a text message describing the file to be received over Bluetooth.

  • Environmental Characteristics:-

­        Hardware:-

Bluetooth enabled Android device.

­         People:-

One user for local device and another for remote device.

  • Goals Of Implementation:-

­        Application is implemented with the goal to allow user to transfer files over Bluetooth.

­        Another goal of application is to get a text message from user describing the file that user wants to receive and send that message a text file to intended remote device and receive sent file.

Bluetooth adapter

package com.bt_file_transfer;


import java.util.ArrayList;


import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter;

import android.content.Context;

import android.widget.ArrayAdapter;

import android.view.LayoutInflater;

import android.view.View;

import android.view.ViewGroup;

import android.widget.Button;

import android.widget.ImageView;

import android.widget.TextView;


public class bluetoothadapteractivity extends ArrayAdapter<String> {


private Context context;

private ArrayList<String> value;

BluetoothAdapter mbluetoothadapter;

Button btnmenu;

TextView tv;

ImageView iv;


public bluetoothadapteractivity(Context context, ArrayList<String> value) {

super(context, R.layout.bluetoothinflatorlayout, value);

this.context = context;

this.value = value;




public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

// TODO Auto-generated method stub

LayoutInflater inflater = (LayoutInflater) context


View rowview = inflater.inflate(R.layout.bluetoothinflatorlayout,

parent, false);

tv = (TextView) rowview.findViewById(;

iv = (ImageView) rowview.findViewById(;


if (position > 5) {


} else if (position == 0)




return rowview;



Auto SMS Android Application

Project Name: Auto SMS Android Application

Project Description: Android-based Auto SMS application allows the user to send SMS at deferred date and time.

Tools: Eclipse, Microsoft Office Visio for Diagram. Microsoft Office Word for Documentation.

Development Platform: Android Development Tool

Development Model: OOSD Model

Operating System: Windows 7

Tools and Technology 

  • Tools: Front-End: Eclipse Helios 2.
  • Technology: Android 2.3.3


Project Definition:

Android-based Auto SMS application allows the user to send SMS at deferred date and time. After the SMS has been delivered, it will provide the sender with the delivery report along with the location of the receiver.The sender also gets the delivery report and sound. This application works only with internet. The user has an internet connection in the android phone.

Auto SMS Android Project

Preliminary Investigation:

We know that in several mobile devices which are providing a facility for only alarm but not any other facility like sending SMS, email etc so we got an idea for creating this application which is useful for sending a message to wish and remind to others by messaging.

Selecting the project development Strategy:

The software development process also can be divided into smaller, interacting subprocess.

Generally, the software development process can be viewed as a series of transformations, where the output of one transformation becomes the input of the subsequent transformation.

Develop a Work Plan: 

System Analysis 

Requirement Determination


  • The first user has to add the contact number.
  • Then select date and time and write Message.
  • Then click on send.


When time is come which is set by user the application will automatically start and inform to user for event. 

Feasibility Study:

Technical Feasibility:

  • The project is developed on i5 processor with 4 GB RAM.
  • The language used in development is Eclipse Helios 2 and windows environment.

Economics Feasibility:

  • In this application internet is required in android mobile device. 

Requirement Specification:

Hardware Requirements: System configuration: Windows OS 2GB RAM, 20 GB Hard Disk.

System Design

  • System design is the process of planning of new systems or one to replace an existing system.
  • During this stage the analyst works with the user to develop a physical model of the system flow chart.
  • The modeling process and its outcome depend upon the system to a certain extent and whether or not object oriented design is followed.
  • The detailed step followed in arriving at the model is known as the methodology.
  • There are several methodologies available.
  • But currently the most popular methodology is known as the unified process.
  • The result of these is a model for the system typically contained in several diagrams.
  • If unified process is followed the diagrams that result might be UML diagrams.
Activity Diagram:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

User Interface Design:

Screen Snapshots:

Main Menu: Main menu available in android phone and icon of the AutoSMS application

Write SMS and set date & time: Post Time

The main screen of application: Main screen of application which allows the user to write a message, add contact number, set date and time

Insert Contact Number: When system time and set date and time matches then it will first insert contact number from the database.

Insert into Event: When the user clicks on save button it will add contact number, message, date and time in the database.

Sending SMS: When both system date and time and user-specified date and time match it will send SMS automatically.

Download Auto SMS Android Application Source Code.