Academic Android Projects

Find the List of below Academic Android sample Projects for MCA, BCA, BTech and MTech Students. These are categorized under Android Projects, Android Applications, and Mobile Applications.

Services We provide:

  • We deal with Android Mini & Major projects for All Students.
  • We develop Android Applications based on student ideas and proposals.

We Provide Real-Time android Project training’s through classroom/ online.

Latest Android Projects

  1. Institutional App
  2. Employee Tracker App
  4. Bus Tracker App
  5. Digicare App
  6. Location Based Voice Remainder
  7. House Rental management
  8. College Student Information Portal ( Club Head)
  9. Emergency Alarm And Health Care Management System
  10. Mobile Application for Departmental Notifications
  11. Farmers APP
  12. Placement System App
  13. City Information App
  14. Women Security App
  15. local train ticket app
  16. Budget Analyser
  17. Placement System App
  18. Real Location Tracking System
  19. Mobile-based Student Feedback System
  20. E-Bridge Android App
  21. Attendance Management System
  22. Contact and message getting using SMS
  23. Attendance and marks system – Video
  24. Cab Services
  25. Friend Locator
  26. Power Saver
  27. GPS Based Friend Tracker
  28. Location Tracking Using SMS
  29. Feedback System
  30. Budget Analyzer
  31. Mobile Location Alarm
  32. Blood Connect
  33. Alert App
  34. Donor & Receiver
  35. Alarm App- Wake Up
  36. Mode Changer
  37. News App
  38. Women Safety App
  39. Project Interactive
  40. EAMCET
  41. Emergency Alarm And Health Care Management System
  42. College Alerts
  43. College Phone Book
  44. Secret Message Box (SMS Encryption Decryption)
  45. Text-to-Voice Android Application
  46. Campus Mobile Application
  47. BRTS Service locator
  48. Nearest Hospitals and Doctors
  49. Security for Lost or Misplaced Mobile – iLocate
  50. Classroom Organizer
  51. Pet Tracker
  52. GRE App
  53. Agriculture Updates
  54. Task Tracer
  55. Food Freaks App
  56. Stop Typing, Start Speaking – Voice To Text App
  57. Course Recommendation through Online
  58. Event Management System
  59. Food Application
  60. Hello Mind
  61. Alumni Event Management App

103 thoughts on “Academic Android Projects

  1. mahendra godara

    i would like to develop this apps

    Quit Smoking Android Application
    Student Attendance Management System
    College Phonebook Android Project

  2. Manjiri shastri

    actually ,i have doubt about..can we send sms with the image(not smily)any picture
    and without using wts app and any application???

    if yes then plz give me answer.


    I want a simple andriod mini project on (Development of mobile customer interaction online system based on “student-teacher”)

  4. Preet

    Hi sir i am making application based on vehicle management in which i have prepared 6 modules like
    1 add multiple vehicles
    2 report and statistics
    3 nearest fuel station n auto shop
    4 reminders
    5 Widget to quickly add data
    but can you suggest some more modules to our app it’s urgent so plzzz can any body suggest some modules…….

  5. joan

    hi please can someone please send me the source code for an android gambling/betting/casino application urgently.

    thank you.

  6. sandya

    like if i send a mesasge in haii on the reciver side it should display a video saying haii plzz sir can u do it for us

  7. Adedoyin Akindele

    Please I want simple android app on Biometrics Security for Electronic Transaction System Using Fingerprint sensor and Facial Recognition and its write-up.


  8. Hamid Bin Zahid

    Hello sir!
    I want to develop a android app in which the user can see images,videos e.t.c and also has option to download that material/content on his mobile phone.
    Please sir help me in this regard.I was very thankful to you

  9. sharan

    College Alerts app
    A small college based social networking app which can help you post anonymously

  10. srija

    can you please send the complete source code and documentation of Health application to monitor user’s health..

  11. Sanjai kumar

    I need 42)collage alerts project… plz send the details…… tomorrow i will submite the project……… plz help me…….

  12. sradha vijay

    can you please provide the complete project source code and documentation of Text-to-Voice Android Application


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