Slide Navigator Android Application


Slide navigator is an android application for sliding the pages of the PowerPoint presentation through smart phones. Here the computer and the smart phone must have internet facility. Here the user requests to the server through port and server checks the port and verifies it, when the details are matched it moves to further process to navigate the ppt presentation. These presentations can be handled by the user from anywhere by navigating with a single touch making it more easier.

Use case diagram of Slide navigator

Existing system:

Earlier the presentation was done only through the computers where one person would handle the slides and the other would present the slides. where it requires two persons to operate.

Proposed system:

The application when installed in smart phones acts as a remote control but the difference is that slides can be handled from any amount of distance convenient to the user and this can be done only by a single person just by clicking a button.


Profile Changer through SMS Android Application


 The main objective of this Profile Changer through SMS Android Application is to help finding a missed mobile through a single SMS.

A profile changer is an android application which is useful for security purpose without any user interaction. This application is used when you don’t find your mobile i.e., when it is kept in a silent profile mode, it can be automatically activated to the general mode through a message.

About Project:

This is a project mainly responsible for changing the profile such as silent, vibrate, flight, meeting into general mode through an SMS.  Using this project any people who have missed or unable to find their mobile can easily access their mobile phone by sending an SMS from any other mobile. When an SMS is sent to the missed mobile the profile which is in silent mode automatically gets activated into general mode. This can be done when the application is installed in the mobile phone. This type of application is very much useful as security purpose.

Activity diagram for profile changer through SMS

Existing System with Drawbacks 

  1. This is not compatible in mobile screen.
  2. Not easy to change the profiles.
  3. Profile changing can be done through blacklists but there is no profile changer through SMS application till now.

Proposed System with Advantages 

   The proposed system contains how the mobile phone has to be accessed through an SMS. It is a mobile app so it is compatible in every mobile. This android based app helps in accessing a missing mobile. The mobile becomes accessible thus secured.

Future scope 

   A lock screen of a mobile phone can be opened as well as pictures can be taken using a camera through SMS.


1. User Module

2. Receiver Module

  1. User Module: In this module the user sends a message from another phone to activate the profile silent mode into general mode.
  2. Receiver Module: In this module the receiver or the application reads the message, splits it, retrieves the key, validates the key and finally changes the profile.

We have concluded that using this application, we can change profiles of mobile phones just through sending an SMS. It is helpful for people who use mobile phones. When he/she frequently happens to have a problem in finding the mobile which is kept in silent mode can install this application and then the phone can be easily accessed by sending an SMS from another mobile phone. This app finally helps in security purpose.

Phone Mode Conversion Android Application

About the project:

In this Phone Mode Conversion Android project we will convert any profile mode (silent) to general when the message sent is matched with the password that we had saved. If not it will be as a normal message to the mobile and will be stored in inbox.

Existing system limitations:

In the previous projects the message sent will be sent as a normal message to the other mobile .But there is no application developed to change the modes of the mobile automatically by receiving a predefined message.

Phone Mode Conversion Activity and Class Diagram

Proposed system with features:

In this project we are proposing a new form of messaging to get the general mode back as a delivery report. In this project we will send a Message to my mobile, it will authenticate the message and reply mode conversion If the message is not matched with the mobile password then it will be normal message.


In present days in the entire world mobiles are used most usually. So the people are expecting some new technologies in mobiles as we know android is an open source.

Our project name is “Phone Mode Conversion”. It is an application which can convert any silent, vibrate mode into general mode. This application must be installed in the receiving side of the mobile. When this application is installed in mobile it automatically runs in the background always. There is no need to open the application each and every time once it is installed in any mobile it automatically runs in background until it is uninstalled from the mobile.

Activate silent mode in mobile1

Here in this project we set a predefined code which is itself a password and this password must be sent in the form of message from another mobile, then my mobile after receiving that message my application authenticates it and reacts converting from any mode to general. And if the message is not matched it will be received as a normal message.

Mostly many of the people are negligence about their mobiles as the mobile will be in silent mode and forget their mobiles somewhere and search for that again but they cannot find it, in such a case this application plays a major role in such a way that he types the predefined code like password set by (developer) and sends it from another mobile.

Send Sms code

After my mobile receiving that message the application verifies that code and if it is matched with the code set by the developer, the mode of the mobile will be changed automatically from silent mode to general mode. Then he calls to his mobile and he can hear the ringtone of his mobile and finally he finds it back.

This application can be installed in an Android mobiles and the predefined message can be sent from any mobile, this is the major advantage of this application. This application can automatically run in background once it is installed until it is uninstalled.

Self Security through GPS based Protection System


Self security through GPS based protection system is a security application which is specially designed for mobile users especially for women. This application offers a helping hand with the help of GPS based location tracing. At the time of emergency there may not be any possibility to attempt phone calls or to send messages manually then this application will be very helpful for persons who are at difficulty.

Detailed level DFD of GPS based Protection System

By simply touching a screen at once it will send emergency message along with the location coordinates where we are located so that the others can know where we are to trace our current location. And it will also raises an alarm to alert the people who are nearer to that particular location so that we can get immediate help from them. 

Existing system:

My security is one of the applications available at googleplay which is also a security application which will send emergency message but it won’t display users location in map this feature is very important to trace out location. 

Use case Diagram of GPS based Protection System

Proposed system:

  • By using GPS it will simply trace out our current location and show the friends information who are near to the current location by tracing their mobile location all the time.
  • If there raises any emergency where we cannot attempt a phone call and to explain about the urgency then by using this application just simply pressing on a single button
  • It will send a message that we are in danger, we need immediate help, so that they will respond immediately by tracing our mobile location
  • It will also sound a siren which will be helpful to alert the people who are near to that location.


Self security through GPS based pretention system Is very helpful when we are in emergency situation where we can’t attempt phone calls or messages manually so that the receiver can trace out users location by using map. It will also sirens so that we can get immediate help .

Self Security through GPS based Protection System

 Future Work:

In future we will add one more feature to our project is after pressing the emergency button along with the message it should return address location but not the longitude and latitude value

Android Application Projects

These are the below selected top 10 Android Application Projects


This camtagger android application works based on wifi direct technology, Which connects with the other devices which ever available in the group and collects the sensor values from that device and embeddes the details along with the picture taken in the device, audio of length 5 seconds will also be recorded along with the picture. Using this the pictures taken can have even have more details about the social status and surrounding of the picturization location.

camtagger application

1.Init Wifi Direct

In this module the wifi device will be initialized in wifi P2P mode using its new dns feature in android Jelly Bean(4.2 and above). Then Search for the client or group owner peers in the range and populate it.

Get the device details and display it to the user while taking the picture.

2.Connect to client

In this Mdule connection between the client/owner P2P which has been selected by the user using socket communication andestablish a two way communication. Two ports for each mode of communication,
one for receiving data and one for tranferring the collected sensor values to the requestee.

3.Initialise Sensors

In this Module The sensors available on the device used will be collected and the sensors which ever is available in the device will be initialized and registered in the broadcast receiver to receive the data when ever there is a change the data in the appropritae sensors valuies.

4.Read Sensors

In this module after the picture initializer device which requests the device to give back the data from the device the values from the sensors which ever available in the device and which has been regeistered to recive the data through broadcst receiver will be captured and will be collected into single string or array object.

5.Return collected Array

In this Module the array object which has been created in the Step 4 wil be sent back to the device which requested te data through the appropriate socket which has been initialed in step 2.

6.Embed/Attach the Data to Picture

In this module after reciveing back the sensor data from the client/ owner device create a sequence from the receive information and attache it to the image.

7.View the details

In this Module the pictures taken through the app will be diaplayed along with the coollected information from the devices connected.

Womens Safety

Womens Safety

This Project mainly focuses on safety of the device user, when ever this application is launched it will start monitoring the devices sensor values ie accelerator GPS location,network location. When ever the device sensor values changes above the threshold values of the sensors the device will automatically launch camera and will take pictures and will start sensing SMS and mails with pictures as attachment to the members added in the application along with the Latitude and Longitude details of the device.

Privacy Location Monitor Application

Privacy Location Monitor Application

In this project the application continuously monitors the users location and analysis the user location based on the frequency of the the visit to the particular location and generated a complete history view of the device owner which can be viewed over Google maps and or graph view of the location history. This locations can be used to generate the travel history of the user.

NFC Based Attendance Management System

This project is to make the attendance system even more simple, whenever the NFC Tag is placed over the NFC device the application records the details about the particular card and will record the time and location which can be used to make the attendance .

Sketch Search

a. This project is to search over internet using the sketch created.

b. Sketched can be created by using other photos searched over internet and can be compiled into single image

c. based on the created image search in the internet.

Nodes and Datas

a. This project is to create a safe and secure method to transfer datas between a client and server nodes.

b. In this we use a third node which will act as a middleware to the client and the server.

c. the middle ware will get the required data which the client asked and returns back to the client.

d. the datas tranfered between nodes will be encrypted using rsa enccryption.

e. the number of nodes can be added and the server communication can be tracked

Dynamic Data Cloud

a. This project is to share the server load equally between nodes.

b. load balancing algorithms used to share loads between nodes

c. the number of the servers can be increased according to the load of the data

d. the data tranferred between the servers and nodes will be automatically and swotched based on loads

Android Based Home Security System

a. This project is used to monitor the acticities present in home

b. When ever a motion is detected an sms will e automatically triggger and mail scan be trif=ggered with mail to the owner

Android Based Digital Signage System

a. This project can be used to advertise or campaign the product detais to the customers

b. It used multiple views in android to create a multiple windows in a single screen

c. it can be monitoed remotely and schedules can also be published over internet or though data cards

Mobile Security System

a. This Project  is to secure the personal data in mobile device in case of theft.

b.It can erase the complete data in the device

c. An sms and mail will be triggered about the location of the device whenever there is a change in

sim in the device

wrong password entry

unistallation of the application.

Location Based Voice Reminder for Planned Journey

Title: Voice Reminder for a planned journey


  • It is an android application which is targeted to all small scaled android devices and a useful application for mobile users.
  • It’s a personal assistant that always knows where you are.
  • It is integration with Google Maps and voice Alert. It is easy to use that will help user remember all important things and using this user can quickly and easily set reminder that will notify when time arrive.
  • This capability allows you to input plan for a journey into your phone and the phone will automatically alert you with your recorded voice whenever you are near the location you have entered in your plan or whenever you are running out of time.

Location Based Voice Reminder for Planned Journey Home Page

When to use this application:

  • If user wants to go from Ahmedabad to Vadodara for a meeting, and he wants to make halt at Nadiad to meet his manager and discuss the document to be presented in the meeting.

He also wants to make halt at Anand to take the print outs to be given in the meeting.

Location Based Voice Reminder for Planned Journey

So user will simply enter his plan details as follows: 

  • Name of the plan : Meeting to Vadodara.
  • Source Station : Ahmedabad
  • Destination Station : Vadodara
  • Date of journey: 20/10/2012
  • Expected arrival time to destination: 5: 00 PM
  • Record the voice for reminder
  • Number of halts to be taken : 2

User will also enter details as follows: 

  • Halt Station: Nadiad
  • Expected arrival time : 2.00 PM
  • Expected departure time: 3:00 PM
  • Record voice for reminder
  • Same as above,user will enter the details for anand.
  • User now just needs to tell that he is starting his journey i.e. He needs to ACTIVATE this created plan and after that what application will do  is:
  • Application will alert the user by his recorded voice if user will not reach nadiad at 2:00 PM
  • Application will alert the user by his recorded voice if user will not leave nadiad at 3:00 PM
  • Application will do same for second halt also.
  • Application will trigger the voice recorded by user when user will be about to reach nadiad or anand. So that user will be reminded that he has certain task to do at this location before reaching to destination.
  • User can also later EDIT this plan if any changes occur. For example, now he is informed that he does not need to bring the print outs from anand, so he will simply DELETE that halt.
  • If meeting is canceled, he will simply delete the whole plan and if meeting is postponed then he just needs to change the date.


  • Voice Reminder For a Planned Journey is the application that will help the user to plan the journey to reach on time and to do some work on the way without fail.
  • It provides the functionality to create a plan for a journey.
  • It also provides the functionality to edit or delete the created plan.
  • Other functionality of the application includes recording the voice for reminder.
  • It checks whether the user is running out of the time during the journey.
  • If it is so, then application will give notification by playing the recorded voice.
  • It also provide the functionality of location based voice reminder that is user will be notified when he is about to reach the location as specified in the plan.

Environment Specifications:

Hardware Interface:

Development side: 

  •   Processor :Pentium IV 2.0 and above
  •   RAM : 512 MB or Above
  •   Hard Disk : 40 GB 

User side:

  • Device  : Android OS Devices (API level 8 & above)
  • Display : 320 x 480, 240 x 320 & 480

Software Interface:

  • Development side :
    •  Front End       :  Eclipse Galileo
    • Tool                  :  Android SDK 2.1
    • Back End        :  SQLite Manager
    • External API   :  Google Map API 
  • User side:
  • OS:  Android OS 2.1 & above.

Advantages of this Application:

  • Internet connection is only required that will display the current location of the user on map.
  • This android Application allows users to record voice to be triggered based on time and locations.
  • Simple reminder just alerts you by a ringtone but this application will remind the user by his recorded voice.
  • So if a user is driving a car, he does not need to look at the mobile and see what the notification is.
  • Uses auto complete feature which saves user’s time in typing the entire location.
  • It is a simple and easy to use reminder for all your daily activities or for trips with no hassles no worries.

Disadvantages of this application:

  • Application will be compatible with Android 2.1 or later OS only.
  • Application will support only android mobile devices, Tablet versions is not yet developed or designed.
  • At last but not least, it is obvious that the user will require an internet connection to access application’s functionalities.
  • Application asks for expected arrival and departure time,so user must know the estimated time to reach.

Quick Responder Android App



Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware, and key applications.

The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Quick Responder allows the user to avoid the incoming calls unnecessary messages and vibrations in middle of any important meetings.


By using this we move freely in the middle of any important meetings it keeps the mobile ideal .this application internally binds the incoming calls and vibrations and notifications by using service. And it automatically sends the message to the rejected incoming caller or incoming message. We can customize the sending message as a custom message .user can put his own customized message to send.


The existing system is when the user in any meeting or in any secure places when incoming calls are invoking user will keep the mobile in vibration or decrease the volume for that user will handle the function of mobile to keep in ideal state. If the incoming caller is a very important issue to talk to the user then if user unable to respond in the middle of an important issue.

At that time the situation will become as a miss communication between the persons. If the user wants to send a message in the middle of the meeting is not possible because the meeting will be disturbed.


The proposed system our application is when the user in any important meetings the mobile will disturb the user by getting incoming calls and messages by using this application the mobile go to the ideal state so it will not disturb the user in meetings.

This application rejects the incoming call and incoming messages and the application will put message automatically to that incoming caller. By using this another advantage is when the user is in driving there is difficult to lift the phone so in this situation, this application helps u lot.

Quit Smoking Application


This Quit Smoking application completely android based application like android mobile and android tablet. This application provides the user interface for taking the values like number of days and number of cigarettes. App will show the smoke level of body in the form of float values and also damage part of lungs image. Using this app user should know the awareness of lungs effect.

About Project

This application supports android mobiles and android tablets. It provides the user interface to the user with objects i.e.  Text fields and buttons for entering the number of days and number of cigarettes, according to given days and cigarettes show the value of smoke level.

User wants to know the lungs damage as an image it’ll show in another activity (UI). when user selects the Quit button it goes to the another activity, enter the values and selects the Reduced smoke level button then displays lugs damaged as an image.

System Requirements

  • JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • ADT plug in
  • Android SDK
  • Any Operating System


  • Widgets Text fields and buttons
  • Intents
  • Window view and surface view
  • Canvas

Hospital Disease Management Android Project

Hospital Disease Management



This project gives you the information about hospital management. The user can find easily by this application and information about common basic diseases and symptoms.


When any user want to know about the basic information of diseases the person will interact with net or any other consult doctors and causality person if the person want more about any information about this hospital.

Person will interact the concern hospital and if the user want to take appointment user want to go directly to the hospital to fix the appointment . if the user is enable to go hospital in particular time. User will enable to take appointment instantly.

Even if user enter in time he will wait for appointment registration for a while some times it will take much time.


The application in android will get the basic information about all details of particular hospital and about any information about diseases and symptoms will get instantly through this application and it will show the path or location of the particular hospital.

And also will get online appointment instantly we can use it any were at any time by using web view it shows the online registration form directly in webpage user can get appointment instantly and this application providing doctors information and there designations.

Search Your Doctor Android Application


Search your doctor is an android application which helps user to search hospitals and doctors with the doctor details and also guide you to the hospital by showing the route map for your current location to the hospital.


Search your doctor application is an android based mobile application which helps the user to locate nearby hospitals and their doctors with doctor details and doctor availability timings. This application has the ability to find your location through GPS system and also helps to guide you to the hospital by showing available route maps from your location to the hospital. This application use internet to connect to the server and download hospital and doctor information’s.

Existing System: 

The existing system don’t give all the doctor and hospital information in one place, if someone wants to get all the doctors information then user has to search on internet, even though he can able to get doctors information’s of any particular hospital if he logins to the hospitals website, but not all the available doctors from different hospital, now if you get the doctor and hospital information then you have to search again to get the location and route to the hospital separately, to search all these information it will take a lot of time, also this process is hectic and complicated.

Proposed System: 

The proposed system gives a convenient and time saving solution for the existing system. It provides the facility to search all the nearby hospitals and doctor information in one place and also it provide the time schedule for the availability of the doctors in that hospital, and also the application is so powerful that it can easily able to find your current location and then rout you to the selected hospital without putting any extra effort.