Theft Detector – Alarm System Android Application

Here we will discuss about sending sensor data from smart devices to one of the M2M cloud platforms and writing applications on top of it for sending notifications to the user via Email/SMS.

Theft Detector – Alarm System is an Android Application developed.

Here we will use Arduino Uno (microcontroller) as my smart device, couple of basic electronic components such as a Photo Sensor (for detecting surrounding light intensity), a Resistor (range between 200KΩ and 10KΩ), a LED, a Breadboard and a Arduino WiFi Shield which is the gateway device to connect to the M2M Cloud Platform

Also we will be using open sourceCarriots Cloud as an M2M cloud platform

In this project you will learn how to:

  • Connect an Arduino to Carriots to send data streams using Carriots HTTP REST API
  • Build an Alert App on Carriots by programming a Listener to send an email using the SDK

Now Arduino code is written in such a way that it should send data streams to Carriots stating whether it is receiving light or not. All the data streams sent by Arduino are collected and stored in Carriots.Carriots provide Nosql database that collects all the information that is sent by your sensors. So using Carriots, along with data storage, you can build apps quickly with few lines of Groovy code.

In this case, we are going to build a very simple Alert App that sends an email to you in case that Arduino detects light. This project will alert the owner if someone enters a dark room and turns ON the light.

Arduino connections

Arduino connections

Checking the Data collected in Carriots

Now your device must be sending streams when you turn on and turn off the lights. Check the control panel if you have new data streams.
Go to “Data management” → “Data streams” and you will see your data.

Checking the Data collected in Carriots
Checking the Data collected in Carriots

Similary we have used temperature and humidity sensors to send the data to the Carriots cloud and using this data we can analyze the data using line graphs etc. Below is the graph of the data sent using temperature and humidity sensors.

Theft Detector Temparature Humidity Sensor Report
Theft Detector Temparature Humidity Sensor Report


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