Android phones are very popular today due to their limitless possibilities. In this application, you can control your home appliance(like lights, fans, etc.) from your android phone via Bluetooth

Only you have to install an android application on your android phone or tablet, then you can switch ON or OFF any electrical appliances by simply touching the screen of your android phone.


  • Android Application is developed using the latest Android SDK and thus providing support to all the lower version of android devices
  • The android App can discover the available nearby Bluetooth devices
  • User has to connect to our Bluetooth HC-06 module from the list
  • Once the connection/pairing between the Android Phone and the BLE module is established, the user will be able to operate the connected light/fan from his phone by sending serial commands
  • On the hardware side, Logic to receive BLE commands from Android phone is implemented on Arduino Board.
  • HC-06 module is the Bluetooth module connected to Arduino Board which relays the serial data to the light/fan via a relay switch

Software Requirements (for Android App development):

Operating System     :        Android, Linux / Windows

Software                 :        JDK 1.7, ADT plug-in

Development Tools    :        Android SDK, Eclipse

System Requirements(for Android App development):

Processor                         :        P-IV with 2 GHz

RAM                                 :        1GB (minimum)

Hard disk                          :        40 GB

Device                             :        Android mobile

Hardware Components Required:

  1. 1 * Arduino Uno
  2. 1 * HC-06 Bluetooth module
  3. 1 * Relay switch
  4. 1 * Breadboard
  5. 10 * Jumper Wires
  6. 1 * Light Bulb

Total cost of Project: INR 50,000

Development Cost includes:

  1. Android Application Development
  2. Firmware development for devices
  3. Documentation Cost
  4. Training Cost