Donors and Receivers Android Application

Here are the required Donors and Receivers Android Application specifications:
This is Donors and Receivers Android based Application, Its not a static app, It is a server based app.
Two API s have to be used.
1. Facebook
2. Google Maps

Better understanding:  Just like any other shopping site . The only difference is. , the products will be free of cost.. donors log in to donate things. Receivers log in to receive things free of cost. (Sellers-buyers, Donors-receivers).
Some part of the Donors and Receivers project is already done. In the completed part , Facebook API is already partially used by using  Facebook SDK.  (Any user logs in to the app only through Facebook).

Google maps API is yet to be incorporated,

Basic outline of the application is specified below:

  • After signing up we come across two scenarios first the user looking forward to donate something and second the user looking to receive something.
  • In the first case of the user being a donor, we wish to provide him with categories or departments like electronics, furniture e.t.c. where he selects the particular category and in that category moves further down to products like washing machines, dish washers e.t.c and here if he does not find a match for his product add his own product name.

1 Donner and Reciever 2 Donner and Reciever Add New Category 3 Donner and Reciever Categories 4 Donner and Reciever Add Donate Activity

Example:   Suppose a donor wishes to put a dvd player for give away

  1. He logs in as a donor.
  2. Looks for the category electronics and selects it.
  3. Now in the electronics section looks for the product dvd player and suppose the products already being displayed are refrigerator, washing machine, television e.t.c. but does not find a dvd player, we give him the option of adding his own product so that he adds dvd player as a new product to the existing list and puts his item on display.
  • The donor should be given an option “add a new category” if he wish to donate an item which is not present in the already existing list. After a donor had added the new category, from then, the newly added category should be visible to the users who log in as receivers also.
  • In the second case where the user is a receiver looking for items we would like to give him the same option of browsing through the various categories (example. a user looking for a vacuum cleaner would search in the HOME APPLIANCES section) then look for vacuum cleaners by typing the keyword vacuum cleaner in the search bar provided and select the product vacuum cleaner. Then he would have a list of all vacuum cleaners available for give away.
  • Now the receiver would like to set filters like new added products or the products located within a particular distance or brand new / used products which would narrow his search to few items. Then the user would select the one he wishes to have.

Home appliances

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Ac
  • Fans


  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cots
  • Beds
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster
  • Sofa
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Curtains


  • Cooking Utensils
  • Cutlery


  • Music system
  • DVD player
  • TV
  • Laptops
  • Clothes


  • Books


  • Organizer
  • Laundry basket
  • Wardrobe
  • Shoe rack
  • Bicycles
  • Bed lamp
  • Ladders
  • Tool kit
  • Pet accessories
  • Gardening accessories
  • Bags
  • Travel bags

The modifications and further extension requirements are specified below:

  • Log in and Logout functionality is not working properly.
  • When clicked on “Log in with face book” button, it is again displaying the same page which have the button “Log in with face book”. ( My observation: This is happening when face book app is installed on my device. If I disable or uninstall the facebook app on my device then the giveaway app is allowing me to login properly)
  • “Back” button should be added in every page to navigate to the previous page, Instead now when I m using the back button of my device, the app is getting closed.
  • Backround image is too dominant . The categories cannot be seen clearly. If possible , Background image may be changed.
  • As far as here, I wasn’t able to see if the receiver who set up the suitable filters can see the items uploaded by the donors because I cant see what’s happening after clicking “confirm donation” . So as on whole I am unable to check anything about the aspects with which the database is concerned.

5 Donner and Reciever Category Names 6 Donner and Reciever Category Details


  • It is asking for item location while trying to donate. ( intended to determine the location automatically using fb and google maps api) ( this requirement may be neglected but it will be better if this text box is validated atleast to make sure that the donor is giving the appropriate city name .It is expected not take invalid inputs like 1234 for the city name. So while donor is typing the city name , providing drop down city names suggestions list will be appropriate.)
  • Mandatory specification: Donor should provide a pickup location where the receiver has to come to pick the particular item. Not just the city name. should be precise and exact like what it looks like in google maps. so that the receiver will be able to locate it in google maps. So the location should be properly validated.. While the donor is typing the pickup location that text box may be same as that in the google maps which shows the drop down suggestions of the exact location). Here is where we have to prove that google maps API is used.
  • Item description (and tags) has to be added while adding a new item, so that the same will be displayed to the receivers also and the item will appear in receiver’s search results in relation to the search key words used by the receiver and the corresponding tags provided by the donor.
  • When clicked on “confirm donation” button without uploading any picture… app is accessing camera. Donor should be given an option to upload anything without any picture also.
  • After taking a picture , if I immediately click on the “confirm donation “ button, then UNFORUNATELY GIVE AWAY HUB HAS STOPPED. ( My guess: This may be because, it is taking time to complete the uploading process of the picture which we had just clicked. So for uploading the picture, a progress bar should be added. So the user will know when to click the “confirm donation” after the uploading is completely done.
  • (Modify if possible and time permits) Add new item can be seen only in the main category list. But, under each category, donor should be given an option to add a new item… For example, as of now, under the category of stationery only “books” is present,, if he wish to donate a compass kit which also falls under stationery, then he will go to “add a new item” and add compass kit as new variant,, from then even the receivers will be able to see the “compass kit” along with “books” under the “stationery” category.

7 Donner and Reciever Cotact Category owner


  • Recent, Distance, New products are appearing as buttons (but intended to be as check boxes which will allow the receiver to set more than one filter at a time. With present format of buttons the receiver will not be able to set more than one filter) ( Proper working of filters is mandatory specification)
  • After loading the results also, its showing a text “searching for books” . Instead “Results for books” may be appropriate .
  • When searched for books to receive, I can see some buttons like “receive item form hyd” “Receive item from mumbai”. The locations need to be appeared directly in such a way. When the receiver search for a particular item he will set the filter distance from his city ( receiver’s location should be determined from his facebook location ), the results within the desired proximity should be loaded ( i..e as per the pickup location provided by the sender).
  • Receiver should be shown the name of the donor ( facebook profile name) of the particular product when he is reviewing the product.
  • For each item the receiver is viewing, he should be shown the following specifications of the particular product : Item description, Picture, donor’s facebook profile name, pickup location .
  • When a receiver is willing to receive a product, the receiver should be asked “Notify Donor through facebook”. Then the facebook notification should be sent to the donor that a particular receiver is willing to receive his product also mentioning the profile of the receiver. So, now the sender contacts the desired receiver through facebook for possible time to pickup at the pickup location as mentioned earlier. (Facebook API comes into play again).

8 Donner and Reciever Social Widget

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