Project Pair Programming allocation and project problem

Project Problem Summary:

The Problem that is being addressed by using this application is issue of theft and mobiles phones being misplaced. Mobiles have become important part of our lives. Most of us store important information in our mobile phones. It is crucial that we keep our mobile phones safe against theft and phones being misplaced by the phone user.

Project components resolution and individual contribution outline:

The components that are used in this application are

  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Gmail
  • Data Base

The user has to provide the application with the time at which the check has to be performed. And also the user has to provide the emergency contact number and email address to which the data has to be sent. It should give the user few options like GPS, front camera image capture, back camera image capture so as to perform these tasks and send the data to the given contact number and email address.

The application does a routine check whether the phone is being used according to the given scheduled time. If the phone has not been used in the scheduled time, then the application captures image with the camera and retrieves the GPS location. Then it sends the picture and the location to one of the selected contact number through text message and to the selected email address. This application can be enabled and disabled because the phones might not be used in certain situations like while studying, during sleep, etc.,

One of us will be coding the part where a routine check is being performed and Sending the retrieved image and GPS through text message.

Other one of us will be coding the part where a number is selected, camera captures the image automatically and retrieving the GPS location.

Project test plan:

Project test plan includes unit testing and system integrated testing.

Unit Testing:

Unit testing has to be done for each of the modules. Smaller modules may be individual source codes, individual methods and fragments of codes. This is also called as white box testing.

We would like to perform unit testing with the individual components like clock, contacts, GPS, Camera. And also the versions with which this application will be compatible with.

Integrated Testing:

After all the modules are created, integrated testing is to be performed. This testing is performed after unit testing. This testing takes all the modules on which unit testing has been performed and groups them into larger modules to perform integrated testing. This is also called as black box testing.

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