E Bridge Android Application

Abstract: E Bridge Application is an Android application which mainly helps to improve communication between Teacher and Student. The application actually consist 2 modules (Teacher and Student) where they can access and operate the application from their respective ends.

In general, the Admin will maintain the entire administration like Authorization, Authentication, permissions, History tracking and troubleshooting etc.

Teacher will access all the four year student information and go through her/his Time table as their daily activities as scheduled. She/he can send or receive any kind of information by using Notification tab.

The Student will access all information (Subjects, Faculty, and Schedule)
and maintain a good relation with faculty and his/her classmates as well. He/she can send or receive any kind of information (Clarification, Queries, Notice) by using Notification tab.


The current system has no application to give the communication between Teacher and Student by the mobile. In the previous projects this process will take in online websites.

But there is no application developed for communication by giving apps predefined methods.


In this E Bridge Android project we are proposing a new form of technology to get communication between Teacher and Student. Here the students receive notifications if there is any important information available for them.


Operating system           :   Windows XP/7/8….

Coding Language           :   Java, MY SQL

Tool Kit                        :   Android SDK

IDE                                 :   Android Studio


System                         : Intel i3 3rd generation.

Hard Disk                     :   40 GB

Ram                             :   1 GB


E Bridge will be a feature rich integrated communication package, designed for the mobile usage.
The application E-Bridge in Android includes all the features carried out by manual system and also add certain additional features so that the package will form a definite improvement.
It is proposed to make the application extremely user-friendly with well-designed screens and limited inputs.

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    i found this project to be very interesting . sir, please send the source code
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