Student Faculty Parent Android Application

Student Faculty Parent mobile app is an android based application developed on java platform. This Student Faculty Parent app is for everyday use for students, faculty and parents.

This app serves the users based on their role. There are mainly 3 different roles categorized as Student, Faculty and Parent.

Based on the particular role’s operations /functions they are divided uniquely, maintaining the differences according to their functionality.


1. Admin
2. Student
3. Faculty
4. Parent

Admin module:

In this Student Faculty Parent application, administrator can register all the students and faculty in the college and parents. Admin is responsible to maintain the database in which student/faculty/parent information is present.

Admin module varies and maintains individuality with other modules. Every department has its own administrator to define the roles specified.

Student module:

• Students need to get login details from the administrator. After getting the login details he/she can login into their accounts.
• Students can store their educational documents /profiles at one place and can be accessed and viewed both online and offline.
• Student can check his/her attendance in the app with one time login (need to access internet).
• Students can receive notifications from faculty.
• Students can view their day to day Time table.
• Students can view their syllabus of every semester.
• Student can receive Notifications of events from college / university (JNTU).
• Optional student thread discussion.

Faculty module:

Faculty module is according to their respected departments.
To interact with this application professor needs authentication, administrator provides login details for every professor in the college.
After successful login, faculty can add the following:
• Faculty Can collect attendance through mobile app and that directly gets updated in server
• Faculty can drop notifications for assignment submission dates /questions. These notifications are pushed to students notifications.
• Receive/send messages to students (enquiry) *optional*
• Can update their status of completion of syllabus.
• Receive notifications from HOD/Principal.
• Scheduler for pending syllabus of the concerned subject.
• Can add notes in jpeg, pdf formats to take a quick peek in class.
• Can receive notifications from university through college.
• Notifications of college events.

Parent module:

Parents need to get the login details from the administrator to view the details concerning their ward.
After successful login parent can:
• Check attendance.
• Receive notifications from faculty concerned to their ward *optional*.
• Time table /exams.
• Event notifications.


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