Kisan Seva Android Application

Overview: This application focuses on helping farmers. It’s purpose is to give profits to farmers. The basic idea of this application is online auction. It allows farmers to sell their crops at best price.

Existing Systems: Every time farmers have to sell their crops at market to authorized distributors for fixed prices set by market management which is loss for them (this system works manually).

Online systems:- There are some systems through which farmers can sell their crops online like ’24myntra’ but farmers not able to get proper profits with this system.


  1. Farmers have to sell their crops at fixed prices .
  2. Farmers have to travel and sell their crops on regular basis by spending their money.
  3. Farmers have to sell their crops only to authorized distributors.
  4. Illiterate farmers cannot use present existing online systems.

Proposed System: The current application can be accessed by two types of users(buyers and sellers). As farmer is illiterate, he accesses this application with the help of another trusted party. Buyers can demand their desired crops using this application. Buyers can submit their feedback regarding the crops which they won in auction. Through this application advertisement of fertilizers and pesticides can be done by third party.Information about schemes given by government for farmers can be uploaded in this application.

Working: It takes the information regarding the crop from seller which is advertised and auctioned by third party. The information regarding the crops are visible to users who want to buy the crops. Generally auction happens for certain period of time.After the auction the buyer who is ready to pay highest price for particular crop gets the crop.For the purpose of conducting auction third party will be benefited.


  1. By using this system farmers can get more profit compared to manually existing systems.
  2. Illiterate farmers can easily use this system with the help of trusted third party.
  3. Farmers need not go to market for selling their crops .
  4. There are no fixed prices for crops instead farmers can set their own reasonable prices.
  5. Based on reviews given by buyers,sellers can produce the crops.
  6. Farmers can enjoy the government schemes through these application

Conclusion: Through this application farmers can get acceptable prices for their crops.

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  1. Can u plz mail me the code of both front end and back end required ,, n also the whole working of the database

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