Parent Communication Register Android Application


The Main aim of our Parent Communication Register Android Application is to automate the attendance in the form of Android Mobile Application. Our intention is to establish a good communication between Student Mentor and parent.

In this new era of Science and Technology, computer is one of the most important components in our life. Works can be done in a better way by the help of computer.

welcome screen

We have seen over the years that the process of manual attendance is being carried out across almost all educational institutions. The process is not only time consuming but also sometimes yield inefficient results in the false marking and calculation of attendance. We need not maintain pen and paper based attendance registers. Following this thought, we have proposed a PARENT COMMUNICATION REGISTER (PCR) APP by which we notify parents via SMS OR a call Notification system which is implemented on Android mobile application.

This Android application will give the students attendance information and SMS notification feature whereby every parent will be periodically notified regarding his/her child attendance

Our system primarily focuses on building an efficient and user friendly Android mobile application. The application will be installed on the Mentor phone which runs android OS. It intends to provide an interface to the professor who will require a user id and password to carry out the task. Apart from that, the application would support strong user authentication and quick transmission of data.


  1. Admin
  1. Faculty


In Admin module, we design the administrator activities like viewing the attendance related to students marked by all the faculty. Hisprivileges can be seen at the use case diagram.


In faculty module, they have their own privileges such as viewing their own absentees and also establishing communication with the parent via SMS or call. Each and every privilege can be seen at the use case diagram.


Operating system                   :          Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, Mac OS versions, Linux ubuntu 12.04

User Interface                         :           HTML, CSS, PHP

Client-side scripting               :           Java script

Programming language         :         Java runtime environment 1.6, Java JDK version 6.0

IDE/Workbench                     :         Eclipse version 4.2.2, Android studio (IDE)

Tools                                         :         Android SDK, Android mobile

Database                                   :         oracle


  1. User module login activity
  2. Add faculty module
  3. View attendance
  4. Take attendance
  5. Auto report generation module
  6. Send message or call
  7. View students
  8. View absents

Output Screens:

Admin registering mentor & faculty login activity
Admin registering mentor & faculty login activity
selection of mentor & list of students
selection of mentor & list of students
Student status
Student status

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