Phishing Threat to Network Security Final Seminar

Phishing Threat to Network Security Final Seminar: In electronic communication, phishing is a criminal attempt using engineering tools and techniques. It is a way of attempting to access sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading confidentially entity in computing world. It is done using email, instant message, or phone contact.

There are number of phishing incidents that include user training, legislation, and technical measures.

Few phishers use JavaScript commands in order to change the URL bar. This is done either by keeping an image of the legitimate entity’s URL on the URL bar, or by closing the genuine address bar and opening a new one tagging the legitimate URL. This threat generally needs the fake website.

The Types of Phishing are website forgery, Phone phishing, PayPal phishing, Phishing as Instant Messages, fake email from bank etc.

Phishing Damage: The damage caused by phishing threat varies from loss of access to email to existing substantial financial loss. This way of identity threat has become more common due to the ease by which unsuspecting people or hackers often divulge personal information to phishers that include social security numbers, credit card numbers, and mothers’ maiden names.


Phishing threat to network security is getting much worse before they get better. Hence it is very important to recognize yourself with these threats and frauds. It is very necessary to educate yourself with this threat by researching this topic on web. It is important to learn to how to familiarize phishing emails. These frauds can be prevented with your anti-virus software, spam blockers, and internet browser. However, one must keep this software updated in order to identify virus and lists of fraud websites. This update is done by “help” menu of the program by clicking “check for updates” and it is also concluded that one needs to be cautious. If any email seems suspicious then do not click on it, simply delete it.

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