Network Security and Cryptography Seminar Paper

Network security is a subject which is tacked by experienced and well-trained experts. With vast wired network, the security has become the most important issue in an internet world. This project focuses on basic computer information systems and its user with concepts to handle them.

 The basic concept of computer networks is necessary to understand the network security principles. TCP/IP is the suite of the network protocol for the functioning of intranets and Internet.

 The network is referred as the collection of interconnected links over the internet or interconnection of roads, or alliance network. The computer network is interconnection system of computers. The International Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Reference Model has seven layers to communicate with interfaces.

UNIX TO UNIX COPY (UUCP) is an application that includes tradeoffs of security.  Security is limited fairly and hard to do something. Many bugs are analyzed, discovered, and fixed since networks of UUCP include connections with other hosts. It functions with wide system with user account and password of UUCP.

Internet is the greatest network constructed with same protocols.

Firewall is employed to have separate levels between the internet and intranet organization. It is simply a set of components between networks to form a barrier. There are three kinds of firewalls. They are application gateways, packet filtering, hybrid systems.


Security is a difficult topic and important thing to have a secure network is to have the firewalls and other components associated with it. Security is essential part in an interconnected network.

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