Network Security Seminar Topic and Seminar Report

Introduction to Network Security Seminar Topic:

SECURITY now days have become sensible in real world or in the cyber world. Organizations or Companies are considering the computer security as a serious concern and even maintaining technical teams who can secure the company’s information secure, where most of the criminals are exploring not due to the knowledge but due to ignorance of system administrators. 

Palladium is a protection concept that is not only equipped to protect user from pitfalls and challenges indeed we will discuss about revolutionary aspects of palladium detailed. And a case study was conducted for restructuring the existing data security system of JNTU examination process and was implemented using palladium to show the differences. 

Palladium is not a separate operating system and it is an architectural enhancement to the existing windows kernel and to computer hardware including the CPU. Palladium is not responsible for eliminating any features of windows that users have relayed on. Palladium will work with any program that the user specified regarding security. 

Palladium helps us in identifying theft and is responsible for providing unauthorized access to personal data on the user’s while on the internet or other networks. A palladium locks system’s secrets in the computer and can be unlocked only on terms that the user has specified.

There are even drawbacks with Palladium i.e. all the software and applications needs to be rewritten to use palladium or new applications needs to be written and even changes are to be made for the existing hardware components in order to support palladium. And it may take long time for implementation of this technology in real time.

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