Technical Seminar on Network Security

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Network Security:

In this paper we discuss about network security. Cryptography, authentication and access control mechanisms play an important role for providing security in communications. Measures taken to prevent the misuse, modification or denial of use of knowledge or facts, data is referred to as security.

Network security has become an issue as many organizations or company’s fate depend on network security. Attacks can occur technically by means of specific tools which are designed for attacking the vulnerabilities or resources of computer system or even attacks can also happen using social engineering which means using non-technical means for gaining unauthorized access.

Attacks are of four types namely Access which means gaining access to the information which the unauthorized used is not supposed to have. Secondly Modification which means modifying information by attacker for which he is not authorized to do. Dos attacks are attacks that deny the use of resources to legitimate users for accessing of resources. Repudiation attack is an attack which is caused against the accountability of the information.

Malicious code includes Virus, Trojan horses, Worms. Virus is a set of instructions which insert copies of it to other programs. Other viruses do not perform any act expect spreading to other systems whereas Trojan horses hide malicious nature behind useful applications and worms replicate by itself causing damage to resources.

Various security technologies include usage of firewalls. Firewall is defined as group of components that form a barrier in between two networks. In other words firewall refers to hardware or software or combination of both that filters all the incoming messages.

Determining the threats and managing is very important to run the business smoothly. In spite of minor drawbacks we can regard network security techniques as a great deal of safety.

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