Seminars – Public Key Infrastructure

Seminars – Public Key Infrastructure is the combination of encryption technologies, software, services, and processes that enable an organization to secure its business transactions and communications. It supports document encryption and digital signatures for an organization. It is becoming important for an effective security and authentication requirements over non-secure internet. This technology is widely used in banking services that need security.

This document briefly describes about the general and basic concepts of the PKI technology for network security without analyzing specific implementations. To access data and applications within a company, a user needs to be authenticated. Authentication Procedures and Access Control Decision functions are responsible to verify the authenticated user.

The encryption key is to transform a message to a ciphertext to ensure confidentiality. Its main objective is to protect passwords and confidential information stored in databases or transmitted over the unsafe networks. A decryption key is an algorithm which is used to reverse the encryption and is required to read the message.

Hashing is used to get the “digital fingerprint” of a given message and to get a secure the message, digital signature method is utilized. In public-key cryptosystems, three different formats of messages are used. They are encrypted message, signed message, and signed and encrypted message.

The public keys needs to be stored in a directory to ensure availability over the wide area network. An infrastructure needs to be set-up to be undoubtedly trusted via unsecured networks.


It is concluded that there are different technologies that are used to secure the sensitive information in that database over the network. Ciphertext, Decryption, Encryption, LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Sniffer, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), SSL protocol, Secure e-mail / S/MIME, A virtual private network (VPN), Pretty Good Privacy etc are the different software protocols that secure the database over the internet.

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