Cryptography and Network Security Seminar Paper

Description: Cryptography is the science of securing information/data that flows through a network and that passes through different users, via medium, preferably the internet. Cryptography has been in existence since times immemorial. Cryptography is providing and securing the information by a mathematical algorithm.

Cryptography has come into existence experiencing the threat posed to data security when it passes through multiple channels. Stealing of valuable data for vested interests could be one severe threat to a network community. Owing to these things the science of cryptography becomes even more important.

The research paper Cryptography and Network Security Seminar Paper describes some popular cryptographic techniques: The single key cryptography is the widely used one and is the simplified version. It has a single key that encrypts or decrypts information. The Public key has two different keys that encrypts and decrypts the information. The more advanced technique is the hash keys which secures the information ‘irreversibly’ by means of a mathematical algorithm.

The most recent developments in the field of Cryptography are Message Direct Algorithms and Secure hash Algorithms. The research paper explains who a hacker is. Unlike the popular notion a hacker is no evil person. In fact a hacker is an expert who helps the companies to acquire confidential data from other companies that might help his parent company or his own company. A hacker is an expert at decrypting the encrypted code. 

The various possible threats to information security have been elucidated in the research paper. It says that email bombs, application backdoors and other malicious scripts play foul with the information that is saved and transmitted through a system.

Conclusion: The research abstract explains various possible cryptography techniques and how it secures an information system without interfering with other unrelated applications. The research paper talks about the manual threat provided to network security by means of hackers and crackers. The research paper in depth explains various mathematical applications that encrypt a particular data.

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