Seminar Topic On Cryptography and Network Security

Seminar-Topic-On-Cryptography-and-Network-SecurityCryptography and network security seminar topic explains about importance of security in network while transmitting packets, causes of packet hacking on network, solution for reducing packet hacking and packet loss problems in the network and reasons behind network hacking. This topic can be used as final year technical seminar topic for CSE students.

In present scenario internet had became one of the important source of communication and money transaction around the world but at the same time security has became a important area to be concentrated.
This seminar topic Cryptography explains about solving this problem. Network security issues are divided in to four levels.

Secrecy:   User need to keep information secure without allowing any access to unauthorized users.

Authentication: In business dealings users should make clear with whom they are communicating with before submitting any important information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers.

Non repudiation: In order to maintain information securely using signatures for messages is must.

Integrity control: This is important when dealing with banks, online networks.

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