Network Security Seminar and Cryptography Seminar

Description: The research paper speaks about Network Security and Cryptography. In this world of burgeoning network connections, if anything is seriously jeopardized it is security. It is said in the research paper Network Security Seminar and Cryptography Seminar that information passes through hardwired network and there is every chance of any hacker playing foul and peeking into very personal information and trying to benefit from it in ways that one cannot imagine. The role of cryptography comes into existence in a scenario like this.

Cryptography is the art of encrypting information in order to secure it form any third part attack. Cryptography encrypts the information in order to authorize, authenticate and gives the user a supreme level of access control. Three types of cryptographic algorithms have been in vogue lately. The single key algorithm uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt, the public key algorithm gives two keys to encrypt and decrypt and hash key is an algorithm that irreversibly encrypts the data.

What is ISO: The International Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Reference Model defines seven layers of communications types, and the interfaces among them. Each layer depends on the services provided by the layer below it, all the way down to the physical network hardware, such as the computer’s network interface card, and the wires that connect the cards together.

It is suggested in the research paper that the Internet is the world’s largest network of networks. When you want to access the resources offered by the Internet, you don’t really connect to the Internet; you connect to a network that is eventually connected to the Internet backbone, a network of extremely fast network components.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note saying that there is a significant need of Network Security and an ever increasing threat posed to network security. It is a domain that has to incessantly on vigil.

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