Performance Testing Seminar Topic

This PowerPoint Performance Testing Seminar Topic is created for testing Web Applications. The failure of Load Web Application can be costly so it is deployed with confidence to assure performance and functionality under real-world conditions. The main objectives of this application are stability, performance, and functionality under load.

In computing software, multi-tier architecture is a client-server architecture in which the application processing, presentation, and the data management are logically separate processes. The widespread use of multi-tier model is the three-tier architecture. This client-server architecture in which the user functional process logic, interface, computer data storage, and data access is developed and maintained on separate platforms.

Manual testing is the process of testing software manually to recognize the defects. In this presentation, the testers analysis the defect with the help of web server and database server.

The Load Runner software is an automated performance and testing product for examining system behavior and performance. This software provides support for many protocols and APIs. The Load Runner Solution includes Virtual User Generator, LoadRunner Controller, and LoadRunner Analysis.

Parameterisation is the process of deciding and defining the parameters for a complete specification of a model. It is a practice to replace a recorded value in a Vuser which can represent a range of values. It solves certain problems that may occur during playback like date constraints, unique constraints, data caching, data dependency or geometric object. It also handles data dependency. It also emulates real user activity and exercises the server.


Transactions are LoadRunner’s which is a mean for measuring performance and high business risk transactions. It is able to measure a single step or a group of steps. It allows performance comparison between different load tests. It helps to identify performance problems. It also measures end-to-end response times of specific steps in the entire business process automatically.

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