Laser Guided Appliance Control System ECE Project Report

Introduction to Laser Guided Appliance Control System Project:

In this electronic Era, by using these new technologies we can control and coordinate any system by means of passing signals recent days there is vast development in laser technology in control systems. The laser guided beam can control the devices very significantly having application in security alarms, traffic controllers, automatic response systems, and in controlling the electrical equipment

This paper deals how to control the devices by using laser guide pointer which is also called as laser diode, whenever there is any interruption in the transmitted signal the light detector will detects this interruption and passes signal to the electromagnetic relay and will operated. Here laser beam from laser diode acts as controlling signal this controlling signal regulates the detector within a specified range. This detector is of high sensitivity. The entire project concerns upon areas like automatic opening systems and security alarms and traffic control applications.

In our project Laser Guided Appliance Control the system comprises of laser, sensor, control circuit, alarm. The operation principle and block diagram is explained clearly in this paper. The major aim of introducing this concept is to provide the awareness to the world that how we can make use of lasers to achieve better quality in security at a very low cost, low power consumption and having multiple applications in future there is chance of developing this project in the areas of the wireless sensor network by increasing bandwidth.

The major components used in this circuit are listed below,

Laser diode DL 3147 – 60 it is used as source of laser beam.

Photo Transistors L14F1 TI the main purpose is signal detecting.

IC’S CD 4001, CD 4538, LM 7805.

Diodes, led’s, peizo buzzer, relay, DC/AC motor, preset, capacitors. The circuit assembly, along with the component description, operation and experiment results are validated.

Download  Laser Guided Appliance Control System ECE Project Report.

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