Remote Monitoring and Control project ECE Project Report

Remote Monitoring and Control project Introduction:

Remote Monitoring and Control project explains about the need of remote monitoring is that the administrator must have complete information of the process ongoing in a client system. So the concept involved is monitoring a system activity from anywhere with the use of internet. This is an application software which works simultaneously on both the systems. The application software captures the screen shots o the client system and passes it to the administrator. The TCP protocols are used for communication in between the client and the administrator system.


Sockets which are the main components used for the record oriented data flow. First the authentication process is made so as to maintain the id of each user. Data events are programmed for a sequential flow of communication. The captured screen is send to admin in the form of bitmap. The data is sent by using WSA send option and received by using WSA receive option. The keyboard and mouse events are programmed so as to make the instruction executed on the end system given by the admin. The total software program is written using c language. The end systems communication is maintained by network protocols. The GUI of the software is created using visual c++.

Applications and Future scope:

These are mainly used in network administration system for having a control and information of the end system. This software can run on multiple systems bust as the number increases the processing speed of the data gets reduced. This is to be overcome by employing certain data compression techniques in between the end systems.

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