Introduction to Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission Final Year:

Wireless Power Transmission trough Lasers by using lunar-solar tracking system is proposed in this paper. As per studies most of the electrical energy transfer is through conducting wires. And most of energy is wasted during transmission of electricity in the form of losses, on an average of 30% less populated countries, and about 40% in densely populated country like India. This major drawback in electrical transmission paved a way for the development of Wireless Power Transmission by using lasers. In near future we can see the world with wireless transmission.

In order make the power transmission reliable, fast, at low operation cost for primary and secondary distribution networks. Lasers are directional and coherent maintaining same intensity for longer distances easily maintained had several advantages over other wireless power transmission techniques in the areas of far field energy transfer.

Here in our project we make use renewable energy resource to greater extent, by using solar cells which are designed to overcome the surplus production of electricity in the absence of sunlight, these photo cells are placed in space such that they can receive suns energy in day and lunar energy during night, and also they can move according light density. The efficiency will be increased up to 90% by using these photo voltaic cells.

The working principle  is the solar cells absorb the lunar rays and generates electricity and this generated electricity is converted into light energy in the form of lasers and transmitted over desired distances and The light energy is then converted into electrical energy by using photovoltaic cells or panels. These cells are used to receive the light rays and then convert into electrical energy. The energy produced is then boosted by boost converter and transmitted to desired loads.

The total circuit hardware includes power supply, micro controller, solar panel, stepper motor, LDR, laser beams. The entire circuit assembly, project operation and performance will be discussed clearly in following sections.

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