ECE Mini Project Report on Laser Based Communication System

Introduction to Mini Project on Laser Based Communication System:

Recent days the communication systems are changing rapidly due to this enormous development a new revolutionary concept Laser Communication System had arrived which was gaining the human attention towards it. The basic principle of operation is amplitude modulation phenomenon. In this process the amplitude of the carrier signal is varied in accordance with the amplitude of the modulated signal. The carrier signal is nothing but the signal on which we work here it is laser beam, the modulated signal i.e. the signal which is to be modulated or the signal whose parameters are going to change, is taken as the input audio signal, and mainly the term amplitude indicates the intensity of the laser beam which we use.

Laser based communication system is an invisible connections through the air and their working resembles the fiber optics links around the atmosphere. Using this new technology we can easily transmit the signals to the surroundings as quick as possible and transmit the data within a range of 500 meters without interference as here the laser torch can transmit light up to any distance based upon amplitude of the input signal.

In this paper we proposed a simple laser based communication system having two major sections transmitter and receiver, the transmitter is coupled with the laser beam of specific intensity with the help of an common collector mode transistor, the transistor used here is LM386 audio power amplifier which acts as impedance matching device acts proportional with the intensity of the modulated signal.

Now coming to the receiver end sensors are present to sense the varying amplitude of the light beam by using photo transistors and light dependent resistors adjacent with the loud speaker the transistor used here is Silicon photo transistor. The various applications are we can communicate without cost excluding equipment cost. Finally the entire circuit and its operation are checked and the results were improved.

Download  ECE Mini Project Report on Laser Based Communication System.

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