Telephone Operated Devices ECE Project Report

This Telephone Operated Devices ECE Project Report is utilized to manage the domestic electrical gadgets in the world through the mobile phone. The circuit includes tone detector of DTMF and strong Microcontroller AT89S52 of 8 bit. The microcontroller manages every system. We manage complete six gadgets in this project.

 The Microcontroller can detect the DTMF signal by IC MT8870 of the DTMF decoder and this turns on/off the respective gadgets as per the user requirement. The circuit contains inbuilt sensor circuit of cell phone and detector would get call control. Dial the respective numbers to switch on/off the gadgets, for instance press 1 or 0 or 9 or 8 to switch on/off device.

Download Telephone Operated Devices ECE Project Report.

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