Human Transporter System ECE Project Report

Introduction to Human Transporter System Project:

The human transporter is a two wheeled electrical vehicle can able to transport persons from one place to other and also equipment  it is an innovative eco friendly driving system capable of drawing loads up to 75 kilo grams, and runs at speed up to 12.5 mph, at a range of 11 miles for every single charge powered batteries (UPS), it was an self balancing systems uses highly sophisticated micro processors, dc gear motors, angle tilt sensors.

 Whenever a person stands on the limbs of the transporter the tilt sensor gets activated and the vehicle moves forward in order to get its previous balanced condition, it governs the movements of human body it replaces wheels instead of legs and dc drives instead of muscles, and electricity instead of energy, micro processor instead of brain and sensors instead of human eye.

Due to the rapid advancement of embedded systems in the field of control systems had begun to invent new technologies one of its application paved path for the invention of human transporter, it uses infra red sensors to sense the path for human travel without any obstacles, the displaying unit presents information about the varying conditions in the surroundings, and works as the user guide for the traveler.

This device operates under two operational modes,  manual  mode and auto mode in manual mode the traveler provided with an key pad in front of him to give directions while in the other hand in auto mode the transporter works based on the prescribed path which is already programmed in it, drives humans automatically, various tests were conducted  for the transporter for knowing its battery strength, load capacity, speed variations, performance limits, operations under varying conditions, these  transport systems are free from collisions by implementing obstacle avoidance technology. These ground population systems are the future for the human transportation with safe driving capabilities. 

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