Laser Guided Door Opener Project Report

Laser Guided Door Opener Project Report explains in detail about how to control the equipment by means of a laser guided pointer i.e. laser beam. When the laser torch emits the laser beam and when this beam gets interrupted the electromagnetic relay gets operated to control the electrical ac/dc equipment with light intervention in the electrical wiring.

These laser guided system can control any electrical appliances using an LED laser diode for laser transmission. Laser guided control systems find applications in several industrial automation principles like Security alarm, Automatic Door Opening System, and automatic Car Parking Systems.

Architectural overview:

The phenomenon of this project is to develop a laser based electronic circuit which can control the electrical appliances using an electromagnetic relay and alarm circuit. And this circuit is developed ion future by using wireless interface technologies in industrial automation.

The components and the block diagram representation are as shown below.

Laser diode:

These laser diodes are also termed as injection laser and diode laser. It is an semi conductor device used for the production of coherent radiation i.e. light rays with same frequency, and these laser diodes find applications in optical fiber systems, remote-control devices and detection systems.

Project Title:

Laser Guided Door Opener Project

Youtube video link to view circuit diagram, block diagram


The pho transistors are used as the light sensors in this project. These are highly sensitive to light.

Controller circuit:

The electromagnetic is intended to operate a switching mechanism mechanically under necessary conditions. The relay coordination with the laser beam is responsible for the device optimum performance.

Download Laser Guided Door Opener Project Report , circuit diagram, paper presentation.

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