Laser Communication System Project Report

Laser communication system Project Report explains about new advanced communication strategy in the field of wireless communication. Several communication technologies are developed in recent days apart from those technologies lased communication systems having enormous applications.

These are next generation communication systems which had taken origin from the fiber optic systems. By implementing these networks we can communicate to other wirelessly.

Figure: the experimental kit of a laser communication system.

Project description:

In this project we transmit data by means of lasers instead of radio frequency signals, the laser torch acts as a carrier for the signal transmission. We used laser torches which can transmit the light up to the distance of 500 meters. This circuit had two major parts one the transmitter circuit and the other the receiver circuit.

Transmitter circuit:

The transmitter circuit consists of microphone transistor amplifier BC548, op amp μA741, and 1-mega-ohm pot meter with 9v input power supply.

Receiver section:

The receiver section comprises of NPN phototransistor for sensing the light, pre-amplifier to amplify the low amplitude signals, bypass capacitor for the prevention of loss of amplification, loudspeaker of 0.5W.

Youtube video link to view circuit diagram, block diagram.

Condenser micro phone:

The use of the condenser micro phone is to produce a good quality audio signal to the user; these are highly sensitive in terms of capturing very little sounds and amplifying them to audible frequency. LM386 power amplifier with low power applications is used in this system in order to amplify the low power signals.

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