Wireless LED Project Report

The main objective of Wireless LED project is to develop a wireless communication network operated for limited range of distances. So we implemented a “Laser based voice communication system” similar to the optical fiber communication system.

Wireless LED Project

Aim of the Laser communication system:

  • To facilitate interference free transmission of voice signals.
  • To maintain high rate of accuracy.
  • To achieve optimum secrecy with narrow beam divergence.

Circuit description:

Here in this project the laser torch acts as a carrier for laser beam transmission, we use photo LED laser transmitter in this circuit as a laser torch.

Youtube video link to view block diagram, circuit diagram for transmitter and receiver


Power supply for the circuit:

The circuit works at 5v regulated dc supply for that we used rectifying unit having step down transformer, full bridge rectifier, smoothing filter and voltage regulator.

Condenser microphone:

A condenser microphone is used in this project for the conversion of audio signals into electrical signal for transmission. These are highly sensitive devices in terms of sensing low amplitude signals.

Transmitter section:

The transmitter section had a pre amplifier, operational amplifier, heat sink and laser emitting diode.

LED laser torch:

It acts as the medium for the laser emission; it is as similar as optical fiber system, and these LED’s can operate at bandwidth of 780-980nm.

Download Wireless LED Project Report

Receiving section:

Photo detector for sensing the laser signals, audio amplifier for driving the speaker, common emitter amplifier and loud speaker for increasing the low level audio signals audible level signals.

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