Voice Portal Final Year Seminar Report

Introduction to Voice Portal Final Year Seminar Topic:

Voice portal means to access the internet from the telephone by using natural language. The user can retrieve content form the web through the internet. The voice portal has become a very big technology now a days and it proved very beneficial for the business man and the industries.

The speed is used for the input because of the certain advantages of this that are it doesn’t interfere with any visual task. Easy incorporation can be done through this. Thorough this there is very advantages in the voice to text speech from the user. We can give input to the system without using any hand or any means. For some programs we can create commands.

Speech technology: – This technology is used by the user to make an application that can be access from anywhere by the user using his voice. This technology is dividing into three phase they are automatic speech recognition which enables the computer to identify the words that are spoken by the user through the microphone. The technology used for the identification of the words is hidden Markova model which recognize its phonemes.

Another is sped authentication in which the speech of the human voice is authenticate and it done by checking the vibration of the signals of the human voice. It determine everyone’s vocal threat easily and its shape and size. And the last one is text to speech in which TTs coverts the text to a speech. It is the ability of the computer that plays the speech of the tact spoke by the user. For recognizing this text the driver is installed in the computer.

User interface: – By this we can access s the service and the information of the system using voice portal. This provides the user to speak natural language for the computer.

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