Web Technologies Final Year Seminar



The World Wide Web gives a paradigm to communicate human in computer networking with an impact to give information with quick developments. There are essential methods to develop services and Web Technology like Dynamic content, Reliance on open standards, Ubiquity, and open source.  The Web Technology is discontinuous in connected applications methods. The application of technology has brought many benefits to the adopter.

Web site rapidly evolves from static and simple pages to complex applications of web with critical operations in various fields. The applications include dynamic data from many sources, e-commerce features, personalization etc.

The internal users and Customers demand and expect more sophistication in the applications of Web. The providers of web application and companies of client get many challenges.

Ubiquity minimizes size of server of web in software and hardware. Dynamic content makes use of Java, server-side, and client-side scripting languages, video/audio/text conferencing, sophisticated services behind web front-ends. Reliance on open standards and open source is the quality and reliability of software.

The client computer is connected to server by internet at remote place. Server gives services on the request of client to client. UI code is the code for the interface of the user interface. Database code is the code which talks to database of system to display or save the data. Business logic is the code that fetches data based on UI commands.


This project is based on two architectures. They are 2 tier architecture and 3 tier architecture with scripting of client-side and the server-side.

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