Final Year Seminar Report on Biometric

Introduction to Final Year Seminar Topic on Biometric:

Bio metric means “life measure”. It keeps the identification of the person’s eye, finger print, voice etc. It is used for security reason and it contains all the physical information of the person. For example our driving license is bio metric which contain all the information about physical characteristic. The data of Biometric does not change it keep constant over large period of time. It contains only physical information because it is easy to read.

Bio metric identification system:-It is used to identified person physical characteristics and it can be inditified by finger print identification, in this we match the finger print of the person because it remain same even the person become older. Other is Hand geometry, next is Palm Vein Authentication in which we measure the vein of the person. It uses the infrared rays. Another is Ratina scan, in this we analysis the capillary blood vessel in the back of the eye as the pattern remain same thorough out the life.

Iris scan, it provides the scan of rings, furrows and freckles in the colored of eye that surrounds the pupil. This uses more than 200 points to be analysis. Next is Face Recognition, in this facial characteristic i.e. the shape and size of the face of the person is recognized. Signature matching is the way of identification. Voice matching is also used to identify the person by analyzing the pitchstone, cadence and frequency of the person.

To implement this type of technology many software has been developed for security and business safety.

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Features and benefits: – It strengthens the security of computer. It can store anything as username and password in websites. It allows multiple authentications. By the use of this technology the data is very secure. It can secure windows and network logon.

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