WI-FI Technology BE Final Seminar Report

Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is the technology that surrounds the radio transmission of internet protocol data from an internet connection wireless to a host computer. It is a wireless connection between your computer and the internet connection in your house. Nowadays, the laptop computers which are sold in majority are Wi-Fi enabled. A Wi-Fi network is used to connect computers to each other, to wired networks, and to the Internet.

Based on IEEE 802.11 specifications, Wireless Fidelity is a set of standards for wireless local area networks (WLAN). It is the wireless connection to handle networking. It is also called 802.11 networking and wireless Network. Wi-Fi networks make use of radio technologies called IEEE 802.11b or 802.11a to transmit data from the internet connection to the host.

Advantages of Wi-Fi: Many reliable and bug-free Wi-Fi products on the market, competition amongst vendors has lowered prices considerably since their inception, and easy access and easy to install. Three to secure an AP are Service set identifier (SSID), Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering, and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

The two basic components of a Wi-Fi network are a computer device and radio-equipped gadget. The computer device is outfitted with a low-power radio. The radio-equipped is also called an access point that is wired to the Internet or a local network. They are communicated with each other on a free slice of the radio spectrum reserved for consumer use and inhabited by microwave ovens and cordless phones.

WI-FI Technology BE Final Seminar Report Conclusion:

This WI-FI Technology BE Final Seminar Report focuses on the wi-fi technology. Wi-Fi(802.11) security solutions are available SSID, MAC address filtering, and WEP and to be strengthened by replacing important components of WEP with WPA via software upgrades to the wireless client systems and APs. This provides security for both small home or business networks and larger networks and also provides scalable solutions for large enterprise networks or networks which require robust security.

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