Voice Over Wi-Fi Seminar Report

Introduction to Voice Over Wi-Fi Seminar Topic:

In today’s generation the increase of the internet has become very much high. The use of VoIP that is voice over internet protocol has increase and this lead to increase in the Wi-Fi or internet telephony.VoIP is a hardware device that is used to transfer voice or data over internet telephony using wires whereas the Wi-Fi is a technology that is used to transfer the voice and data over internet without using wire and used many devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity and uses 802.11 standard technologies that were developed in IEEE institute. It has many benefits such as it provide fast internet, it is very reliable and also very secure. It sends and receives data by using the frequency of radio waves over a short area in local organization.Those who provide service for Wi-Fi are called hot spot of Wi-Fi. For a Wi-Fi network the computer or laptops are connected to the Wi-Fi modem wirelessly and the Wi-Fi modem is connected to the internet sever using a cable.

Speed and range:- when we are going to purchase the Wi-Fi network it will going to mention about the speed of the Wi-Fi network that how fast it will going to work. The most common speed of Wi-Fi is 11 mbps. The speed of the network will go to decrease when more computer are connected to the same hot spot or access point. It ranges is approx 22 meters and the signal is strong for those who are very near to the access point of the network.

Anyone having a Wi-Fi device can able to locate the Wi-Fi network so it is not possible to hide the Wi-Fi network because it works by using radio frequency. So protecting them an encrypted password is used.

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