Voice Portal Seminar Report for CSE Students

Introduction to Voice Portal Seminar Topic:

Voice portal means access to the information by using the speech. It provides technique to the user so that he can access the internet by using telephone. This technology is growing in the market at a very fast rate by using speech recognition technique. Through it the user can access the internet by office, but wireless phone and at home through landline.

It has many advantages that are it can do any task without any visual thing foe example in driving. It can be used to search anything. By it the text information can be easily transmitted to the user. We can give input without the use of any hand or eyes.

Voice user interface: – It the intersection of the human voice and the system. It is the most important thing for voice portal. There are many companies that have started voice communication between employees and customer like LIC which is based on dual tone multi frequency (DTMF). Automated speech recognition allows the user to perform much transaction on their phone only.

Next generation network service (NGN):- It is the next step in the communication world which has three major steps they are voice network, data network and the wireless network. The service provided by the NGN is very secure, reliable, constable and low cost. Voice portal is also a service of NGN which allow the user to access the internet anywhere and at anytime.

It has many benefits they are that it in the risk is very low. Its cost is very low. It provides the user many choices and it also provides the innovative service to the user. It uses the media sever to begin its work which provide very high quality media processing. It is very flexible and it is made for building blocks.

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