Quantumn Cryptography Btech Final Year Seminar

In computer networked system, the major security risk is with conducting business on the Net. The security risks that occur are unauthorized access, Eavesdropping, Password sniffing, spoofing-spoofing, Denial of Service, virus attack, System modification, Data modification, Repudiation, E-mail bombing. Therefore, Quantumn Cryptography Btech Final Year Seminar is one of the best methods to secure the information.

 It protects data transmitted over the telecommunication network and it is mainly by an appropriate Encryption techniques. The Cryptography deals with the encryption and decryption of data. Encryption is the method of scrambling information such that it becomes unintelligible and can be unscrambled with the help of keys.

 Encryption is acquired using a Symmetric Encryption or Asymmetric Encryption. In Symmetric Encryption or Single-key Cryptography, a single key is used to encrypt and decrypt the data. In Asymmetric Encryption or Public-key cryptography, two keys are used namely public and private key for encryption and decryption.

 The network security, Quantum cryptography is efficient and fastest method to secure the information. In Quantum cryptography, the basic concept is Quantum theory of light, polarization, the foundation of Quantum cryptography is present in the Heidelberg’s uncertainty principle. It is an effort to form a body of shared and secret information between two users of a communication channel.

 Cryptography is one of the host authentication technique applied in building a network channel secure to transmit confidential data. In cryptographic system, the plaintext is converted into ciphertext. The ciphertext is transmitted at the receiver end and is converted back to the plaintext. The Hinesburg uncertainty principle and Quantum entanglement exploited in a system of secure communication referred as Quantum cryptography.


Quantum cryptography promises to have a secure communication by providing security based on the fundamental laws of physics. The quantum cryptography solves the problem of key distribution and the exchange of information is secured in a very strong sense.

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