W3 Status Analyzer Visual.Net Project Abstract

Introduction to W3 Status Analyzer Visual.Net Project:

This application is used for viewing the detailed information the user or the person that are coming on the site. This is nothing but simple lines of code that is used on the web page and this will monitor all the information the site at a real time. This work in three types they are web tracker, hit counter and the last one is statics of the web page in the real time.

The user when visits the webpage and hits it then the code will keep the track of the users IP address and all the necessary information of the user. The owner of the website has the wish to put the code anywhere on the website or on any page of the website. The owner has the option to show the hits of the website to the user or not and it is calculated and stores. The owner of the website the option to decide the appearance of the website that is background, color icon color and to check the website is perfect or not.

Purpose: – the purpose behind developing this application is to monitor and analyze all the visitors of the website in the real time and have to insert a special code for this on the web page. The following features is also added to website such as Popular pages, exit pages, magnify pages, entry pages, visitors paths, email reports, recent page loaded, recent visitors and also recent activity.

This application will work on the following module that is user module, administrator module and the email repot module.

The hardware require for this application is Pentium 4 process, Ram of 512 MB and a minimum hard disc of 40GB and an operating system. And this application will going to be developed in C#.net and has a SQL database.

Download  W3 Status Analyzer Visual.Net Project Abstract.

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