ECE Seminar Report on Voice Morphing

Introduction to Voice Morphing Seminar Topic:

Imagine if your voice can be changed just like the president and give instructions to get your visa stamped. It looks as if kidding but technology can make it possible using Voice Morphing. Turning of one speech signal into another speech signal is called as Voice morphing.

Voice morphing technology is first developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA by George Papcun and had seen light in 1999. Voice morphing is a process of cloning speech patterns and bringing accurate copy of a person’s voice using which an operator can say anything in the voice of someone else.

Voice morphing main aim is to keep intact the shared characteristics of starting and ending signals in the process of making a smooth transition while changing other properties.

Speech morphing can be successfully achieved by signal transition represented by acoustic waveform taken from sampling of analog signal. This signal is split into multiple waveforms or frames. In this way transformation can be applied to each frame of signal. Two important properties of signal to be known are pitch and overall envelop of sound. Manipulation of pitch plays important role in morphing. In order to successfully morph pitch should be smoothly changed throughout the signal.

To achieve this signals are stretched and compressed to match important sections of each signal. In order to create intermediate sounds for morphing interpolation of two sounds can be done. finally the frames are converted back into a normal waveform.

Voice morphing has military applications such as psychological warfare of subversion. It can be turned into powerful weapon in provide fake orders to the enemy’s troops as if coming from their superiors.

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