CSE Seminar Report on OPENMOSIX

Introduction to Seminar Topic on OPENMOSIX:

Open Mosix is used for single system image clustering. The main goal is to improve performance, with effective time for running both sequential and parallel applications. It was originally from MOSIX. And allows automatic work distribution between the nodes.  It is particularly used for applications which are running parallel. It allows nodes to move from process to process depending on the requirement.

When we have more resources like computers there could be some situation where one system is idle and other system works.  The main idea of clustering is spreading of load between the systems for sharing of resources equally.

Clustering is responsible for equal distribution of work within the multiple systems in solving problems related to computation. The computation problems can be any complex or miscellaneous problems.  Clustering provides faster solution. It is also responsible to provide recovery in case of failure. When nodes are running in parallel and if one node fails then clustering is responsible for re running the failed node.

The two types of clusters based on Linux are Beowulf cluster and Single System Image (SSI) cluster. The mostly used Beowulf cluster consists of multiple systems connected to one other with high speed LAN. Whereas in single system image cluster the whole cluster like a single machine with many CPU’s and huge Ram.

The Open Mosix balances the load between the nodes and the nodes can drop or can be joined without affecting the service.  The load is distributed between nodes based on connection and speed of CPU. We can conclude that Open Mosix can increase performance by balancing the nodes between processes. The main idea behind OpenMosix is clustering, single system.

Download  CSE Seminar Report on OPENMOSIX. 

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