WI-FI Technology Seminar Topic

WI-FI-Technology-Seminar-Topic.WI-FI technology seminar topic explains about details of WI-FI technology, History of WI-FI, 802.11 standards, security in WI-FI, Range and performance, wireless network design, Radio modes and advantages of WI-FI.

Wireless Fidelity mainly called as WI-FI is the product of IEEE 802.11 standard which had created a trend in using wireless local area network business which had became part of us in our daily life via wireless mobile communication, hot spot and digital home network.

There are around 300 companies which are part of WI-FI technology which comes under wireless alliance which was established in 1999.WI-FI is a wireless technology which uses radio frequency as medium for sending and receiving data through air.

In WI-FI technology cable internet connection is connected to a wireless rooter is called as hotspot. Using WI-FI technology router will allow users to connect to internet, WI-FI works for a short distance like within a room, house with wireless opaque walls.

Wireless technology is divided in to three types based on IEEE standards, IEEE 802.11b, the IEEE 802.11a, and the IEEE 802.11g. 

Among these there first two are widely used and difference between first and second standards is speed of data transmission. 802.11a is five times faster than 802.11b.

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