3G versus Wi-Fi technologies Easy Seminar Topic for CSE Students

This paper compared two powerful wireless technologies, 3G and Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is one of the popular WLAN technologies and 3G especially developed for mobile providers.  As a business and service model, 3G is more developed when compared to that of Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is more developed with respect to WLAN equipment and upstream supplier markets.


 As a mobile provider both 3G and Wi-Fi are complements to each other. The interaction between 3G and Wi-Fi technologies favors heterogeneous future. With respective to the service deployment, 3G has only limited service deployment whereas installed base of Wi-Fi network equipments is growing significantly.  The main difference between 3G and Wi-Fi technologies is lies at their corresponding embedded support for voice services. The upgraded technology of wireless voice telephony networks is 3G technology. Wi-Fi offers a lower layer data communication service. The main advantage of 3G over Wi-Fi is that 3G provides better support for secure or private communications when compared to that of Wi-Fi.

3G formal standards picture is clearer than any WLAN technologies.  3G consists of WCDMA, the family of internationally sanctioned standards. Wi-Fi belongs to the family of continuously evolving 802.11 wireless Ethernet standards.  3G uses licensed spectrum and Wi-Fi uses shared unlicensed spectrum. Licensed spectrum offers protection from interference from other service provides. Unlicensed spectrum forces users to accept interference from other service providers.


The main goal of the comparison between 3G and Wi-Fi is to explore the future of wireless access and to express the possibility of success because of having interaction between these technologies in the future.  Both the technologies succeeded in the current market.  Researches are carried out to integrate 3G mobile providers with Wi-Fi technology and to increase the possibility of success in mass market deployment .Cost is low to establish Wi-Fi networks when compared to that of 3G providers.

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