Voice Enabled Browser Seminar Report for CSE Students

Introduction to Voice Enabled Browser Seminar Topic:

Voice enabled browser means that recognize the speech for the computer input. It converts the spoken words into machine language that is under stable to the computer.  It recognize the person speech that what is said by the user and what to do.

This type of technology includes call dialing for example “ call home “ , content search, audio search, call routing, data entry, text processing by using speech, doing e-mails by speech, preparation of the document, input of the any number and to find any song in the device.

Hand free computing: – hand free computing means to use the computer by the user without the use to hand that they commonly used interfacing device such as mouse and keyboard. For this speech recognition technique is used that recognize the speech as a command for the input. It is also useful for the disabled user. A computer can be trained to recognize the speech and the correct command is to taken as the input.

It is very useful while driving or in factories. This can be varied by range of tongue, lips, month and movement of the head to the mouth. It uses speech recognition software and a microphone. Some example of this technology is sensitive camera and joysticks. A camera is mounted on the user head to take input in the device.

Our aim is to build a speech recognition application that searches the keyword or content entered by the user in appropriate way. Its system preferences can be changed by the user according to his or her needs. This application must be multi functional that is it can accept two or more than two commands at a time. New command for new action can be created by the user. The application must generate mouse and keyboard events.

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